Snip, Snip

From: BIGvic

Since my uncle is in the USMC he has 2 children and isn't allowed to have anymore children he had to get a vasectomy. He had to tell his chidren that he can't have anymore babies so daddy has to get his nuts snipped. When they realize that Daddy has been gone for an unusual amount of time. They start to ask questions and so mommy told them the same thing that their father had told them. So when it's dinner time his 6 year old son is wondering why he has an ice pack in his crotch, he tells his son and his 2 year old daughter what's going on. Even AFTER that they were still asking questions, so after the daughter went to her room he dropped his pants and showed his son where the incision was made and what they did. The next thing that you hear is the loud voice of a child yelling "THEYCUTOFFYOURNUTZ!!!!!", Then after he elaborates correctly "THEYMADEYOUSHAVEIT!!!!!". Thats not the end of it! Now that the very young eloquent speaker tells this mentor type girl thats 14 years old thats watching over her that" my daddy got his nuts snipped off!!!" This girl is standing there laughing and the daycare managers are trying to get into touch with her mother to supend her from daycare until she is aware of what she repeats. Now I know and my mother knows.








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  • Lizz


    Not real it's a lie
    Wtf he got his nuts cut off Hw does he pee??
    Totally a lie
  • reader


    this is a really crappy story.
    i mean---the actual story part makes sense but this is written in no way for people to read. you repeated stuff a lot and didnt distinguish between sentences.
    and i also kinda find it hard to believe that they kicked you (or whoever it was) out of daycare for that. I've been working at a daycare for well over a year now, and you don't send a kid home for saying something like that once. you call their parents to tell them---but you dont suspend them from daycare.
    i find it extremely hard to believe that part of this story.