Wet Friday

From: Freddie Marc

Last year it was almost the last day of school, it was friday. We were doing a math test first period in the morning. This teacher would never let anyone go to the bathroom as it was first class and he said you should go before you come to class first thing and you can wait till end of class. That morning I was a little late and drank down some orange juice and ran to the bus just in time. I didnt pee before going to class.
Now its only 10 minutes into the class and test and I have that growing need to pee soon. I cant think staight to do the test it was hard to concentrate because of my filling bladder.

My mind then went back to that girl Sarah that sat several seats from me that peed her pants during a test. I didnt want to have that happen to me. I raised my hand and told the teacher I needed to go bad andhe said too bad, you know the rrules. I sat there squriming and chewing on my pencil and tapping my legs and holding my crotch now hoping that I can hold it off.

No such luck as it built and built and go so strong I had this stong urge hit me and I know I sauirted and leaked into my briefs. A little bit later again I squirted some pee into my underwear and the this time my pee kept going I couldnt hold it no way. I felt my butt get warm and wet and then down my legs and into my shoes my pee went. I was wetting my pants big time.
A big uuddle rose under my seat as I sat there in soaking wet jeans and undies.

My classmates started to laugh and buzz about it and the teacher came and looked to see what was going on. He saw my accident and said to go to the nurses station.. I wanted to finish my test first as now I could think with all my pee out of me.

After I was done I handed in my test, went to the boys room and finished peeing then to the nurses office. There she made me take off my wet pants, get cleaned up and put on some black sweat pants. They kept those in the office for accidents and I hadda wear em all day. Everyone knew I must had eeither pooped or peed my pants. For a long time I never talked about it as they called me sweatpee for the rest of the year.








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