Picking your revenge

From: Zach

One day on my brothers birthday i decided to play a little prank on him. I decide to do something simple. When the cake came out we all sung the basic happy birthday song. i was standing behind him. i pulled his pants down, then i pulled his boxers down to show everything, he was 11 at the time, and pushed his head into the cake. Now my parents know we muck around and all that, so i wasn't expecting anything to happen. But was i wrong.

my mum was furiuos i got a wack around the head, and she is pretty strong! then she sat James and i on the couch and said, "since you did something to your little brother he gets to make you do somthing twice as bad" i protested and protested, didn't work.

when james finally thought of something i was sweating, not litterally.

"You have to stand in the middle of the room." he took a breath, "and everyone gets to choose an articale of clothing and tyou have to take it off. and one more thing mum has to film the whole thing"

i didn't say a thing. i faced the fact that i couldn't do anything about it.

first my mum said for me to take off my t-shirt, then dad told me to take off my shoes, my uncle told me to take off my socks. then it stoped my auntie's both didn't want to have a go. but my heart started to race again, my cousin told me to take off my pants, and then it would be my little bro's turn. but to my suprise he started to walk up to me.

"say you're sorry and i will finish at this" he was circling me.
"i'm sorry, i'm sorry i will never do it again" i wimpered. shocked the room filled with laughter, james had tied my hands behind my back, i don't know how i guess i was too petrified. then he very slowly pulled me briefs down. there i was nude infront of 15 or so people, and a cammera.

i was told i would be tied up untill bed time. but mum had told me i could wear my white briefs. to my distress my uncles wanted to play a trick on me. they picked me up tied my legs up. and stood me in the shallow end of the pool.

That day was the worst day of my life to this day. and the best would have been when i got james back for it.