Why I dont play pranks..

From: Luke

one day me and my brothers friends where walking down the street. it was a hot summer day and we decided to got to the pools.

As Josh one of my brothers friend was getting changed i took his clothes and ran off. it was a dare my brother told me to do. so he was forced to swim in his tight white briefs. He was 13 at the time.anyway these 2 girls came up to him and started to talk to him. he was in the pool. and they were sitting on the edge. He got a boner. and seeing as the white briefs where see through when they got wet well...when Josh got out of the water the girls saw everything. they craked up and started to run away from him. Josh was as red and a tomato.

Later that day Josh came up to me and worned me to watch my back. i was 10 at the time and josh was about a half a foot bigger than. so of course i got scared shit less.

for another 2 weeks he was nice to me as if nothing had happend. then when we went to the pools on a 36 degree day he tod me that he would get me back.

this is what he did: my brother and 2 of his other friends, with Josh picked me up. and threw me into the girls change rooms. there was no one in there. ( i thought their plan had back fired) Wrong. these 5 girls came in and they treated me as if i was lost. but really they were my brothers girl friends. they sat me down and started talking to me. but to my suprise the pick me up slide my board shots off leaving me in my white briefs. they throw my shorts into their bag. the tell me to stand up. i was covering my dick with both hands. they tell me to go under the shower heads. the turn the cold water on and like magic my penis shrivels up. they grab me by the back of my undies and give me a huge wedgie. one of the girls leaves and come back with Josh and the rest of them.

then they tell me to follow them outside. they tie my hands up and pull my briefs down and leave me to find my way back to the pools without being see, as my thing was so small i could use one hand to cover it.

that is the worst day of my life. Not to metion the photos that were published on the embarrasment section to the school news paper.