Slippin' while im speakin'

From: Anna C.

I am very good at public speaking, and when i was 16, i got chosen to perform my speech in front of the entire high school. Well, my topic was on teenagers, and to match my speech i dressed like a typical teenage girl; a tight tube top and a skirt that barely covered my thong underwear. I got up and started speaking. After my speech was done, which took almost seven minutes,i looked down, and to my horror, my top had slipped down, revealing both of my nipples! how could i have not felt anything? i quickly pulled up my shirt and ran off the stage into the washroom. To make matters worse, my friend told me that she could see a full view of my underwear with hair sticking out everywhere from the middle of the gym!

I didnt go to school for a week after that incident!








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  • Imogen


    I was 22 going out with this boy who i was totally in love with and i slept round his house one night, i got a phone call from my mates saying do u wanna come out i said no as i was with him, but they said can u pick my friend up from the aport for me so i agreed pick up there friend and drooped him back to his house now as i was saying bye he kissed me and i couldn't stop him he pushed me up to his door and started touching me, i tried to get away but i couldn't and the next thing i knew we were ion his house he had tied me up and he was spanking me with his hand i had my legs tied to the bed and my hands and then he was licking meh goods and i screamed. i told him to come closer to my face started kissing him, he utied my hands so i could do stuff, so i bit him so haed he started bleeding grabed sisors while he was cleaning him up untied my legs and ran hone, i told my boyfriend what happened and this time actually injoyed the sex.
  • Elena


    I have a crush on this boy and i very good friends with his sister, one day i was walking home with his sister and he was behind us, all of a sudden his sister shouted out "Elena Loves ????????" and she said his name, now i didn't know this but he had a crush on me ever since i first met him, so he came up behind me and said will u go out with me, it was a perfect moment apart from when his mate bump our heads together and instead of kissing it broke his nose. I'm scared to speak to him now.
  • Anonymous: Yeah right....


    Yeah right.
    You were a bra, don't you?
    And ever heard of dress code?
  • christina


    wow, how embarassing.i think skirts are cute to wear but i don't wear them at all because something like that might happen. i used to go to a private school and had to wear skirts every friday and when it was windy outside my skirt would go up and i had to try to keep it down as well as hold my books at the same time. one time after going to the bathroom my skirt got stuck in my underwear but thank god there was a girl there to tell me. ever since than i wore shorts under my skirt at school