Dare to be stupid

From: Top Secret

Me and my friend had this thing that we used to do. Every week one of us got to dare the other one to do almost anything. After a couple of weeks it almost every time was about being naked in some form, with the risk of someone seeing.

We were in the 9th grade and my friend dared me to walk at least 20 steps naked anywhere in school and then walk back. I choosed to do so when we had our science class because it wouldn't be any people in the hall then. I picked a spot in the basement floor where the girls toilet were.

I told my teacher I had to go to the bathroom and when I was outside I waited for my friend to come too. We went down to the toilet area and I locked the door and got undressed. I went out and walked 20 steps away from the door and when I was almost done I heard someone comming down the stairs. Now I had the stair case between myself and the toilet door so I hid behind the corner and so did my friend. I heard someone close the door and my heart froze. My clothes were still in there.

When I finally heard the door open I waited for the one who was in there to go and then went back to get my clothes back, but they were gone!!!
I started to freak out and my friend was laughing but at the same time feeling sorry for me. She went up to get my clothes back and I locked myself in the bathroom. She took quite a while to come back, but then I heard a knock on the door. I opened to see another girl from my class waiting outside. Obviously she were tired of waiting for the one who had occupied the toilet.
I freaked out again and just shut the door quickly.

When my friend finally came back she told me she'd found my dress and panties in the lost and found bin outside the janitors supplyroom. When we got back the class was almost over and I found out the girl who saw me had told everyone what she had seen.

I had to tell them why I had been naked in school, and for the rest of the year I got a lot of nicknames.








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