Halloween's a drag!

From: Anonymous

I have these two crazy aunts,my mom's younger sisters,and they are usually alot of fun.I love them alot,but when I was a kid they used to pick at me.They'd tell me that I was too pretty to be a boy,that I had such big beautiful eyes and long dark eyelashes that I should've been a girl.It used to get me really mad.

So when I was ten they told my mom that it would be alot of fun to dress me up as a girl for Halloween.I wanted no part of that!I wanted to be a pirate or something real scary.My mom,however,liked the idea of not having to buy or make a costume.One of my aunts had a wig and they all had make up.All they needed was some girls clothes,so they decided to borrow some from our neighbor.That just made matters worse for me,as her daughter was nine and a prissy pain in the butt!One of my aunts went next door and came back with a frilly pink dress,that I was made to try on.Unfortunately it fit perfectly!The next day was Halloween and they had a ball dressing me up!I wore a long blonde wig with a hair band,a little make up,the dress,white ankle socks and black shoes with straps and buckles;also borrowed from my neighbor!It was very embarrassing,especially trick-or-treating!My aunts dressed up and took us.One of my aunts was a witch and the other one dressed up like a vampire lady.My prissy neighbor went as a fairy princess,her brother as a robot and my girl cousin was a mermaid.We got a bunch of candy and everyone who recognized me laughed and told me I had a cute costume.

It was still very embarrassing! After all, all I wanted to be was a pirate!








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  • meghan: (+1) LMAO!...



    Admit it you had fun.
  • coral: ditto


  • Tina: (-2) LOL...


    There are alot of boys out there being forced to be girls for Halloween!
    It's hilarious though!
  • Stacy


    I think that was a very cute costume idea!
    I've seen lots of guys dressed as girl on Halloween,it's just a costume and all in fun.
    Still I guess if you wanted to be a pirate,they shouldn't have made you go as a girl.I bet you looked sweet though.
    Anyway what's done is done,so get over it!