Relative rumble

From: Anonymous

Ok, now my girlfriend and i are deeply in love, and have been going out since we were 12, now we're 16. Last year we had an arrangement that every saturday night I would come over and we would "play around". One saturday, I was feeling VERY horny and had brought a condom with me hoping that she would be into it also.

I opened the window to her bedroom to find find her on the floor, fast asleep. I thought it was weird that she was on the floor but thought 'what the heck'. I wake her up by kissing her deeply and lovingly, and we start to make out.

We really started to get into it and we were both moaning in pleasure, quietly, so as not to wake her parents. She had slipped the condom on me, and I was about to enter her when I heard someone gasp. I looked up to see someone in her bed, and they screamed.

It turned out that the person in her bed was her older cousin, and when she screamed, my girlfriend's mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother, uncle and aunt came running into the room to find us laying there on the floor naked.

Since I had waken her up in such a "romantic" way, she didnt want to stop me to tell me that her relatives were there that weekend. We were both COMPLETLY MORTIFIED. Now, I refuse to come over to her house anymore when there is the SlIGHTEST chance that someone is home.








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