Being Made Up

From: AKA Adams

It was a after school assembly, and i thought i'd stay and watch some of the girls rehearse for their play tomorrow.

They were in the back putting on makeup and things, and since i knew one of them, i stopped by to say hey.

After a few conversations and light flirting, i found myself forced into a closet, with 2 girls holding my hands in back of me.

Next thing i notice, my so-called friend came in with a box of make-up, and you know what that leads to...

A few struggles and ganging up on, i was completely covered in make-up, and to make matters worse, i was tied up and gagged, and left their for the other group to come in to practice.

Ironically, the next group was the drama class, which might i add had some of the hottest chicks in thier.

The next day, i got a few jokes and humiliation in. Usually things like, "You sure u arent a girl, cause u looked darn pretty yesterday"..etc. How Embarrassing!