From: Saundra

On the second or third day of my freshman year at high school, I met a senior near my locker. (I should've been suspicious just because she was a senior, but I was stupid back then so...)

We got to know each other and became decent friends. She was smart and pretty strong, too-in gym, she benched higher than most of the guys when we had to do the weights. She let me hang out with her friends at lunch and hung out by my locker between classes.

Finally, a few days later at the end of the day, I walked up to her locker. She was getting her books out. I said hi, but she didn't have her normal happy look about her. I asked her what was wrong, and after a few seconds, she admitted. "Listen, you're real cool for a freshman. The thing is, I was just put up to be your friend as a thing all the seniors do to the freshmen around the first week of school. Sorry about this"

And with that, she whirled me around, shoved her hands down my jeans, grabbed my new pair of pink panties, and gave a long, hard, nuclear wedgie. She made it as subtle as possible, but there weren't too many people around there anyway. After the longest minute or two of my life, she took the end of my undies, hung them on one of the sharp metal hooks in my locker, and slammed the locker shut and left.

There I was, stuck to the locker by my underwear. Some people walked by and said hi ans asked me to walk with them, but I said I was waiting for someone, so they left. Lucky me. I tried to get out for a while, but every time I tried to walk away the wedgie got even more painful. Finally, after a few minutes, I forced my body ahead as hard as I could and my underwear tore. Because of the energy I put into it, I fell to the floor.

One last guy walked by and laughed a bit, saying "Quit flashing the nieghborhood, girl!" I laughed weakly, and slowly got up and walked a bit with him (after tucking my undies back in...) We talked a bit, and now we're real good friends. However, I haven't spoken to that other girl since.

All I can say is...I can't wait for senior year.