The Naked Hallway

From: Aaron

About 2 years ago I had something quite embarrasing happen to me..My apartment door was in a hallway and our mailboxes were right next to them. Being the middle of the day and having already looked out the window I knew none of my neighbors were home so I opened the door naked and reached out to get the mail. My girlfriend Megan pushed me out and shut the door. I was COMPLETELY naked!

I kept knocking and telling her it wasn't funny but she wouldn't say a word back. I honestly didn't know what to do. I knocked on doors to neighbors I knew weren't home, and i was right. I came up with a plan to go down to the end of the hallway into the laundry room and if there was anything in there I would grab it to put on. There wasnt :( I hid in that laundry room for what seemed like an hour but probably only maybe 5 minutes and heard a radio or a tv or something on the floor above so I snuck up the stairs and knocked on a door while hiding to the side of it...

My neighbor answered and I told her what happened and asked if I could please use her phone. She was either really trusting and stupid or could see in my face that I wasn't lying so she let me in. the phone was just inside the door. She handed it to me so I called upstairs and Megan answered, laughing hysterically. She told me she'd be down in a minute with clothes. While I was talking to her I glanced over and saw her looking at my thing. I got immediately red cause it started to grow and there was nothing I could do. I don't know if it was embarrasment or excitement from seeing someone peeking at it or what. My heart started beating so fast I thought I was going to die. My neighbor asked me if I wanted to sit down or something and pointed at a chair at the bar window of the kitchen and she said she'd be right back so I sat there now unable to cross my legs and hide anything. I figured she was going to get a towel or something at least but that was the kicker...

she came back and sat down with absolutely nothing for me to cover up with. We sat there talking for like 15 minutes before Megan showed up and it was the longest 15 minutes I have ever experienced. Maybe it's just me and I'm weird but sitting there talking like nothing is happening with a woman whom I truly never actually met (and never could look in the eye again) with a woody was pretty strange.

Man-oh-man did I get her back for that!!








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