Trouble at the Nudist Colony

From: Ron

I always loved being naked, it makes me feel so free, and one day, I got the strangest urge to want to see other people naked too, so, on impulse I signed up for the free trial at a nudist colony relatively close to where I live...

I have no idea what I was thinking, I had never been to one of those things before, and had no idea what to do. Well, they were very friendly and told me to simply put my clothes away in a vault and then I may do as I please. Well I was extremely hesitant, but finally I did it. i was walking around for a couple minutes checking the place out when I saw the most increadibly attractive woman completely nude. She gave me a glance and I immediatley got an erection. I assumed that was normal, being that everyone was nude and everything, but pretty soon, an attendant came up to me (also naked), and in a very harsh and angry manner, took me by the arm and escorted me to the front. "This is supposed to be a family oriented, non sexual environment!" she screamed. "I cant help it!" I said. "You are a sick pervert, taking our free trial only to get horny off of our clients!" she bellowed. "Get out!". And with that, she threw me outside, butt naked. I screamed inside that I needed my clothes, but she had left already and locked the door. I was already extremely humiliated, but I sadly walked to my car.

Then I realized I would have to drive home (about an hour and a half away) completely nude! I was so afraid of being seen, but i had no choice. Finally after tons of stares, I made my way home. The next challenge: I live in an appartment complex, so I would have to run to and up the elevator butt naked! Again, I had no choice, so I ran in, and was relieved to see that the guard was off duty at that hour. I opened the elevator - empty - thank god! However, on the first floor, it stopped, and an extremely hot woman got in with me! She was completely shocked, and scared to death when My errection was about an inch from her (it was a tiny elevator). Finally though, I got to my room and all was safe. I never dared to show my face in that nudist colony again, even to get my clothes.

It was the most humiliating thing thats ever happened to me, and now, I stay nude around my house, where I can get stiffies as much as I want!








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  • Nudistlover


    When I was eleven I was at a nudist camp for the summer never been to one but my parents insisted that I get out of the house so they decided to make me go to the most affordable closest one available a nudist camp I was terrified no way did I want to be naked with a lot of other people I wasnt even used to being naked in front of my parent let alone strangers so I packed my bags and went the next day. I was told it was a clothing optional facility but my parents lied when I got there we had to put are clothes in a lockeroom and them the door was locked next we were issued a towel we were explained to that they were for if we got cold or an erection or needed to dry off also if u lost ur towel it was not replaced so I was shown to my bunk along with ten other kids who I didn't know I was going through puberty and was having a lot of stuff going through my head and hormone racing also I had had a few same sex experiments but am not gay I was 5"5 and weight 169 pounds at the time and was pretty well endowed I had pubic hair and lots of them I had a 4.3 in penis hard an 1 in soft I always got an erection so easy so we were all left alone in our rooms claimed are bed and some of the rooms had two separate rooms for the counselers like a bed room with a king sized bed . The counselers had said that due to an error and over populations of the camp there was not enough counselers to stay with every cabin so two cabins would remain without counselers are was one we told that It was against regulations but there was nothing they could do about it also the camp was over populated so one of the counselers also said two boys would sleep alone with each other in the rooms in the king size bed we were told that it was big enough that we would touch each other So straws were drawn and I got the short one along with a cute boy named Austin we were told to be responsible and to be good while alone so we agreed so then it was time to go swimming after a swim we ate and then it was time for bed after the shower witch I skipped as to not get a boner in front of everybody and went back later and took one. So at bed time I crawled into bed and got situated when Austin walked in I didnt really pay to much attention so he crawled in and I said hello and he said hi he then came straight put and told me which we had became good friends because we had hung out all day that he wanted to jack off because he did that at home and asked me if that was ok I said yes that I didn't care. Jacking off was not allowed but who would no we were in a room all by are selfs so he ammediately began I got a boner and didn't want him to see so I hid it then he asked me if I wanted to jack with Him I said hell yes he was 11 also and was 5"5 to and 160 pounds with a 4.3 dick too only mine was a little bit thicker he was totally hot and sexy and really tan he asked if I had done jacked with somebody befor I said yes he said its hot can I take off the covers I said yep so he did I saw his dick I was amazed it was so perfect said I'm not gay but u had a good looking dick be said thank u and said u too god I was so horny when he suddenly said it feels as good as it looks I said realy I said I'll be the judge of that and grabbed it for him he said see I said yep I don't want to let go he said don't jack it so I did I went at it for him and he moaned a groaned and was screaming saying ya ya ya when yelled stop I said ok Ill do you I was so excited I said man you are one horny kid aren't u he replied yep so he began pulling up and down faster and faster harder and harder until I cumned the first time I had cumned it shot at him like a rocket He said awesome I said I know he said Ill do that next time Ig he was already cumming so he continued to jack and again I cummed only this time he grabbed my dick head and and licked my head until every drop wa fine he said you have a small dick head I said I no and jerked his when all of sudden bam like a nuclear bomb he shot semen in my mouth my chin stomach hands it was crazy then he helped me lick it off I said looking at I was disgusted but couldn't tell his Austin that he was hotter than model and was with me how great my dream came true lol so I said want to fuck he said hell yea ok he then grabbed my dock and sucked like it was gold and also like a pro he looked up at me in so much pleasure and said ya ive done this before alot actually and continued tilled I cummed again and he swalloed it all then he spit on my dick. And stood on the bed and bent over he told me to lick and spit in his ass at first i said what y he said trust me have i let u down yet no so I closed my eyes and licked his but hole u may think this is gross but if you ever tried it it is great so I licked and licked and spit and licked until he said ok enough grabbed my dock and slowly lowered his self Down on it all at once by this time it was so bonerfied I didn't even know it could get this big but it was almost 5 in and his was a little bit bigger than mine currently by about a crumb so he went up and down my dick fast then moaned and guess what he cummed do then he grabbed me and was really strong flipped me over and licked my ass I said ya get In it so did at first he said I'm going all in I said one but realized that was a mistake it like hell and burned and hurt I almost cried but then it went away and felt awesome and great we fell asleep and got woke up by the counselers the next morning and we were still in each other it was so embarrassing we managed to get each other phone numbers and were forced to leave the camp I was so humiliated and all the kids made fun of us and my parents were so mad but after two years ever thing was back to nor but we still talk sometime and get together and fuck it's great
  • Beckis


    Methinks this is a wishful work of fiction.

    1. Nowhere are they Nudist Colonies, Nudist camps, Clubs, Parks maybe but never colonies. I challange you to submit a link to a web site that calls iself a Nudist Colony.

    2. To comment on the comments. There are many nudist venues that are family orientated. Families from infants, teenagers, grandparents all naked spend days doing normal things most people do on holiday just they do them without clothes. Remeber Google is your friend and you will discover there are such places.

    - Beckis
  • mi


    That's so horrible!
    That lady was stupid! I wouldn't get onto an elevator with a naked man!!!
  • Bullshit!: Bullshit!...



    No clothes, no pockets, but he had car keys and a house key?


    There are such things as a family nudist resort most are!
  • Bob: BS....



    Unless you placed your car keys in your ass.
  • MaXiM


    Total nonsense and fantasy!

    You've obviously never even been to a nudist camp in your life. Erections are politely ignored in nudist camps, or if you seem to be displaying it unecessarily you will be asked to go somewhere private or cover up (put some clothes on).

    Go write your fantasy stories somewhere else...