The Pee-a-whirl

From: Beth C

Well, I was going out with this guy for a few months and things were getting pretty serious. This guy was real popular in our little town and he had allot of friends.

Summer is a big deal in Alaska, and everybody(and I do mean Everybody)goes to the state fair when it comes around. So me and this guy end up there with a whole bunch of his friends, most of them I had only known for a few months, and we also meet up with about a jillion other folks that they all know. Some of these people had never met me and they were really giving me the hairy eyeball, especially this girl who had thought she was going to date my guy.

So we all end up on the tilt-a-whirl, including this girl that hates me. The tilt-a-whirl gets going really fast and that's when it happened. I started to pee my pants, I hadn't even felt like I had to pee. It was horrible my bladder just couldn't hold on against the pressure and the stain on my pants kept getting bigger and bigger.

Of course this girl see's it and she gets this huge evil grin on her face, and she's just staring at me as the ride stops. Sure enough, the second she's on the ground she has her head together with her bunch of girlfriends and she's pointing and laughing and whispering. I wanted to die right there!! My boyfriend was so cool about it though, he just put his arm around me with his coat hanging down to cover me and took me right home. I was so relieved that he was so nice.

The worst part was when we got home and we were laughing about it, I admitted to him that I couldn't believe I wet my pants. He looked at me so weird, Turns out this girl had thought I was having my period. That's why he was so nice, because he thought it was something I couldn't help! When he found out he laughed right at me! It was awfull.

I havent been on a tilt-a-whirl since.








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  • Sasha


    So I was with my very hot boyfriend who was an underwear model. And so my parents were gone and so he came over and so we were having sex and I pulled down his pants and he took off my shirt and he just stopped. Like something scared him. I looked at him and said "what's wrong"he said "babe look at your boobs!" I looked down and my boobs were purple... I went to the doctors and they said that it was just a side affect of my boobs growing! Okay so like 6months later the same boyfriend and I were having sex and we had been doing it for like 30 minutes and I heard the door open and I wrapped a blanket around me and got up and the person has a gun and said get on the ground PUT YOUR HAND IN THE AIR! My boyfriend came down butt naked and started rubbing his dick and like cumming all over the place and I looked at him like what the fuck! And he said I'm sorry! Bad guys turn me on! And the robber took off his clothes and they started like totally fucking and I was just standing there naked and try were just on the floor moaning and rubbing sucks and cumming in each others mouths and it was extremely weird. When they got up like 3 hours latter I was in the living room eating and watching tv and they came over to me and they got on me and started totally fucking me it was weird and then my parents walked in and they said looks like fucking fun and they got undressed and it was like amazing damn my dads dick is like fucking amazing and my moms tits omg and her pussy so wet and lickable! So guys if you ever get the chance FUCK YOUR PARENTS!!