Nude Punishment

From: James

This was certainly the most embarrassing that has ever happened to me. I'm male/16 yrs old now but this happened to me when I was 13... I was a freshman in high school.

I got caught stealing from a female classmates locker Katie (money from her purse) and was suspended from school. My Mom was so mad when I got home I was sent to my room so she could think of a proper punishment for me. After dinner I went up to take a shower before bed. During my shower I heard the doorbell ring but though nothing of it.

When I was done I shut off the shower and got out and there is my mom standing there and all my clothes were gone. My mom informed me that my punishment was to be naked for the night and she invited Katie and her mother over so I could apologize to them.

I pleaded with my mom but she didn't want to hear it. She grabbed me by my ear and dragged me down the stairs. When I got down there, Katie and her mom were sitting on the couch waiting for me. I tried to cover myself up but my mom told me to put my hands at my side. Kaite was grinning, giggling, and pointing and her mom was kind of smirking. Complete full frontal nudity of me.

My mom started talking to them saying something like "The reason I called you over here is so Jim can apologize to you for stealing. I thought the embarrassment might deter him from doing something like this in the future. Jim do you have something to say to Katie." So I apologized to Katie and her mom for stealing. Then the adults started talking while I'm still standing there naked. It seemed like forever so I asked my mom if I could go upstairs and get dressed. She was mad at me for interrupting her and told me to go stand in the corner by the doorway until they were finished.

So now I'm standing in the corner by the front door with my butt facing them in plane view. Katie's mom says , "look... he's got kind of a cute butt huh Katie?" Then everyone starts laughing hard including my mom. The adults finished their conversation and my mom walked them out right by where I was standing. As they walked out Katie actually reached out and pinched my naked butt. That was the icing on the cake.

Let's just say I've learned my lesson. Can it get any more embarrassing!