From: Pam

At the beginning of the 5th grade, we were all in the cafeteria to listen to the Principal talk about how important this year was going to be. Like everyone else, I ingnored him. Well, that year we seemed to take a WHOLE lot longer to finish his speech. About halfway through, I had to pee pretty badly, but I thought that I could hold it. Near the end of his speech, I was squirming like mad. I knew that I would never make it to the restrooms in time. But for some reason I didn't just run for the nearest bathroom, I tried to find a teacher to ask permission to go. The first one I found was my History teacher and he happened to hate my guts. He could tell that I REALLY HAD TO GO PEE, but he kept me there by saing things like "surely you can hold it until the end of the principals speech" and "you don't know how many kids I've seen try to get out listening to the speeches by using that excuse".

All of a sudden, I couldn't hold it anylonger. Pee started flowing like a river down by cream collored slacks, so of course the wetness was exteremly obvious. Luckally, noone noticed because the speech was over at about that time. I went to the nurses office to get some new panties and slacks, but the nurse insisted on calling my mother to tell her what had happened. She was pretty nice about it she put me on the phone and asked if I was okay. Then I asked her if she could run by our house and pick up a pair of my clothes. She said that she would. When she got to the schoool however, she had one of my smaller and more revealing mini-skirts and one of my little brothers DIAPERS! I asked her why she had brought a diaper and she answered that for the rest of the week I would have to wear a diaper "just in case of another accident" and that the skirt would make any possible diaper changes a lot easier. After I got dressed, I looked in the mirror and saw that the bottom of the diaper was clearly visiable. When I went to history, my teacher asked me in a loud whisper (the entire class could hear him) if the nurse had givven me a diaper just in case i peed my pants again! I tried to whisper my answer to him, but he ust said "Sorry, I couldn't hear you, speek up" until the entire class could hear me say that my mom had brought me a diaper. The whole class roared out with laughter. Then the class know-it-all suddenly came up with a nickname for me which has stuck even now in the 8th grade : "Pampers". The worst part of this was when my mom picked me up after school. She lifted up my skirt and proceded to check my diaper whial saying loudly "Pam, Dear, did you have annother accident, I hope not or else I might have to start your pott training all over again!"









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  • carly


    i am 15 and three years ago i was the flower girl in my neices wedding.i was dressed with my neice in the bridal dressing room in a poofy knee kength flower girl dress and veil with lace socks and white shoes.after i was all dressed,my mom was talking to my neice and after she finished she took me by the hand and lead me to the church nursery and told me she is going to put a disposable diaper and rubber pants on me there.i asked her why and she said that amanda[my neice] wants me in a diaper and rubber pants under my dress.there was a box there in the nursery with a disposable diaper and white rubber pants in it and mom ordered me to take off my panties and lay down on the floor.i got down on the floor and she slid the diaper under me and fastened it then pulled the rubber pants up my legs and over the diaper.we went back to the dressing room and my mom showed amanda the diaper and rubber pants as well as the bridesmaids and i was embarrassed.
    • melanie


      × to carly,i am 14 and also was a flower girl in my aunts wedding last month.i too wore the poofy floower girl dress with a flowered headwreath,lace anklets and white mary jane aunt insisted that i wear a cloth diaper and rubber pants under my dress and told my mom that if she made a diaper for me,she would provide the rubber pants.on the day of the wedding,we went to the bridal dressing room and my out fit was had my diaper and diaper pins and my aunt took a pair of rubber pants out of a bag and gave them to my my surprise the rubber pants had baby prints on them! she told me and mom she bought them to make me feel cute under my and i went to a corner in the dressing room and she put the diaper and rubber pants on me and my aunt thought they looked adorable on me.i walked down the aisle with the diaper and baby print rubber pants on under my dress!
  • annie


    I am 16 and catholic and finially made my first holy communion last may when i was 15 after it was put off for various reasons since i was 8 years old.i was in the class of 2011 with the 7 and 8 year olds and my parents told me i would be dressed like the little girls.they bought me a cute,knee length communion dress with a matching veil,white gloves,lace anklets and white patent leather shoes.they bought a package of cloth diapers and toddler size plastic pants and a white tee shirt and told me i had to wear them under my dress just like the little girls do.the diapers were sewn together to make one diaper.the morning of the ceremony,after my bath,i had to lay on my bed while i was baby powdered,then the diaper pinned on me,then the plastic pants were pulled up my legs and over the diaper.the tee shirt was put on me next,then my dress,veil.lace socks and shoes.the toddler plastic pants fit me tight and were uncomfortable.i felt weird walking down the aisle with them on under my my party later on my mom told most of my friends and female cousins that i had the same 'cloth diaper and rubber pants' on under my dress like the little girls and they all wanted to see them so my dress was lifted up a few times and they were checked was totally embarrassing!
  • holy crap


    Dude ur teacher was a freakin vagina and your mom(no offense) is an idiot like no other my full empathy for you something somewhat similar happened to me in th second or third grade.... yeah... not fun. Uh I guesse all I can sayis I hope life gets better. And if some one calls u a name kick them REALLY hard in a sensitive area if u know what am talking about ( a hoohoo/. U seem nice don't let deouche bags get ya down and stay fantasmical :-)
  • Kaylee Johnson


    me i had to pee once in a test and i couldn't leave and i should have just ran to the bathroom but i didn't i don't break rules and by the time the test was over my pants were soaked i had to go get new jeans and underwear but they didn't have mt size of pants (i'm really tall for my age)so the nurse called my mom and explained what happened and my mom came with a diaper and plastic pants she said if you have another accident you'll have spare diapers here and you'll be wearing one just in case.
  • amanda


    due to various family problems and health issues,i didnt make my first holy communion untill i was 15.i was in the class with 7 and 8 year olds and my parents told me i would be dressed like the little girls in a poofy,above the knees communion dress,with a veil gloves,lace anklets and shoes.further more they told me i had to wear the same cloth diaper and plastic baby pants and under under my dress just like little girls do.i gave in and let put the outfit on my party afterwards my mom told some of my female relatives and friends that i had on the same diaper and rubber pants the little girls wear and they all lifted my dress up and looked at them.i was so embarassed and mad at my mom for telling them!
  • Hi


    I loved to play outside. So much that I peed my pants just a tiny bit instead of going to my house or my friends and use the bathroom. I went home and when I changed my pants my mom asked why. I told her. She said: \"WHAT??!!! IF YOU CAN\'T GO TO THE BATHROOM THEN STAY HERE. I\'ll be right back.\" She came back with my little sisters diaper an my most shortest skirt I had. I could clearly see it. Go outside! She said. My friends (3 of them male) laughed at me and called me \'Lil Pamper Girl.\' My mom came outside after 10 minutes of teasing and lifted up my skirt while saying: did you go peepee or poopy, because I see something... (I peed during the teasing from my humiliation.) My mom, in front of my 6 friends, changed me in front of everyone outside. I cried like a baby while my mom started praising me for going pee like a good girl. Everyone laughed. To my horror, the neighbors had about 12 friends over for a BBQ and came outside to see what the commotion was. Everyone saw my privates, and all my friends had pictures of me.
  • teenbaby


    i'm being raised as a baby i've always been in diapers bottle feed and only eat baby food i go to school in a diaper and t-shirt in the summer that is it my teacher feeds me my baby food chainges my diapers and tells me to ither get in the play pin or crib she always ask if my diaper is dirty even thoe it is completely visable and she will not chainge it untill i've told every thing i've done in it pooped and or peed the whole class laughs every time I want to kill my self but my baby monator might hear me try mom says i'll be a baby all my life even when i'm marryed i'm sitting in my crib in a shitty diaper right now with my brothers lap top i stink really bad i wish i had your life so quit crying you fucking baby
  • tex


    i had the same problem but i half to wear diapers for 1 year 365 days and the worst thing is i am not allowed to go to the bathroom unless im wearing the diaper it sucks. try having to sh*t in school it sucks it happened a 9am and my mom couldent bring me a new diaper i had to go to clss and sit on the poop for 6 hours and i was in a mini skirt that day. you could clearly see i pooped from the big brown spot
  • Shade


    For the record, it is VERY possible for a 10 or 11 year old can fit in a baby diaper. But when you ARE that old, it isnt gonna hold all that much. I will admit though, that history teachers naturally are assholes. However it does seem rather odd that the principal would talk for more than an hour, in which case one would know when they had to go that bad some time longer than an hour before.
  • ashley: (-3) ok......


  • andy


    why is your mom such a bitch, doesnt she love you or something!

    that is the most disgusting and horrible thing i have ever heard of a mother doing to a child. if that was my mother, i would have left.

    i feel really sorry for you and advise you ask your mom for the necessary thousands of dollars your going to need when you start therapy over that traumatic incident you wrote about above.

    i hope your life improves
  • Anonymous


    I stil wear diapers bcuz i cant hold anything in, and one time i was taking a walk at my grandma's and she told her friend i wore diapers, and halfway through the walk she says "Did you make a poopie in yur diaper?" and i murmured "no" cuz i saw a guy from my school, and then she takes my skirt off, and looks in my diaper and says real loud "Oh that's a big poopie! your butt is caked with poopie and pee! your skirt is soaked also. good thing i brught a few extra diapers. la down sweetie so i can change your stinky" she starts changing then says "hold still so i can wipe you tushy!"
  • Anonymous: poor you


    poor you
  • YOUR HAPPIENESS: (-1) Ok...


    1. i would have gone syko on your mom yelling at her
    2. they really keep calling you that even to 8th grade?
    3. i would go to those kids houses and punch them down!
    4. hope thats some great news for you... AND IF THEY KEEP MAKING FUN OF YOU I WOULD DO ALOT WORSE TO THEM (there are many ways to slip a peeing pill into someones drink fast :)...if you get where i'm going)


  • claira


    that is obviosly MORTIFYING.........
    once somthing (simalar..) happend to me.....
    u just want to die...and i imagine thats how you felt...
  • hmmmm....


    This story is hard to swallow.

    I can buy the diapers part. The diapers with the short skirt is harder to accept.

    The "telling the teacher in front of the class" and "mom checking the diaper at school" parts are VERY hard to believe. Why would you have ever left the nurses office if you could see the diaper under the skirt?

    Why would your teacher ask such a question...and if so, why in front of the class.

    I've had to deal with wearing diapers in school due to a genetic disease that damages my intestines. I don't think this story is real.

  • class know-it-all: (-1) quiet pampers
    class know-it-all


    quiet pampers