Nude in the neighborhood

From: Anonymous

So, I was 16 at the time, and quite the stupid little girl. I had just showered and was walking up to my room in a towel to put clothes on. My older brother calls me over to the front door to "show me something." So, stupid me, I go over and peek my head out the door. In what seemed like a millisecond, he whipped off my towel and pushed me out the front door, slammed it, and locked it.
It took a second for what had just happened to register, but soon enough, I realized that I was standing on our front porch, in broad daylight, and completely naked. The only thing I have to cover me up is a prickly bush, and I'm not about to dive into that.

So I bang against the door with my fists, screaming my head off, and he's in the window laughing at me. After a few seconds, (Our street is moderately busy) a middle aged couple drives by and gets a full rear view. I turn my head and they have looks of horror on my face.

I continued panicing and banging for about 2 minutes, when all of a sudden I hear a loud honk. Not thinking, I whirl my entire body around, only to see a car full of college aged guys still honking, laughing, and getting a full view.

They then sped off, but I was really upset now and had to act. Without inhibition, I jumped off our porch, over my mom's flower bed, down our driveway, and around the back, hoping over our fence into our backyard, but damn it all, he got there first and locked that door too.

He wasn't about to let me in, so I knew I had to do something. My room is on the second floor and I go to my last possible action. I grab our ladder, and I climb it, stark naked, and go in through my bedroom window.

I threw on clothes as fast as I could, and went to beat on him.

Wow, it still feels weird to this day. I just can't believe I was running around outside and climbing laddes, all in the nude. Wow...








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  • This is mah embarras


    Well First of all im a Girl, 19 yrs. of age, this happend when i was 13. Yah know trying to impress guys, getting my life started. When a Trip to Iowa, Embarrassed the hell out of me. This is it, (btw i live in ohio)

    Well im a 13 yr. old girl going with my best friend Anna to Iowa. I thought this would be the best trip of my life. Me and Anna, BFF's. we had such a good time together, always. never bored w/ eachother, always talking about hot guys. I should mention that i was going down there to celebrate her birthday at the gramma's house. Her Gramma is rich as hell she fucking has a huge house next to a huge lake that she owns, Lake Pamaramo. Her house has her basement above ground, so her house was basicly 3 stories.

    We stayed in the basement, which i already mentioned is above ground. and her 5 cousin's that are 12,13,13,14,15 ( all compleatly beautiful) always are down there, doing all sorts of stuff. like Watching tv, playing football, boxing, hockey, and alot more so they were basicly down there a long time.

    Well the boys where always making us stay up all night because they were always yelling, screaming and talking. so we told on them, so annas mom told us that she was moving us up stair to the attic. The attic was a nice place to stay btw.

    So we were playing in the lake and we got really muddy so her mom told us to shower.

    So we are both girls 13 yrs. known eachother since 7 so we went into the bathroom. (yes together) we showerd one at a time though.

    Once we both got done we had are clothes and towels in the same pile the annas mom comes to the bathroom door asks us for are clothes. so we hand her the pile. ( w/ are towels!!!) so we are in the bathroom, her mom walks away and anna says "what did you just do?" shocked i said "i dont know! what is wrong" she said "you dummy you gave my mom the towels" suprised at my dumbness i mumbeled "holy shit".

    So we are pacing in the bathroom compleatly exposed to eachother. (that didnt matter as much as how do we get out of the bathroom)
    so we thought about it for awhile and for like 45 mins we are in the bathroom no one noticed.

    so we decided so one has to go get are bags.

    which was not hard they where down a small 2ft hallway. but we would be compleaty exposed to her cousins which we in the room that had compleat view of the bathroom.

    So we decide we would both go, after all thats fair.

    so we both put on a dead sprint to the room and yes the boys did see us. and said "yeahhhh" "come on babbyy shaakkeeee iiiittttt"

    we were both mortified once we got to the room we were soo relived we werent out there for that long.

    well thats my story!!


    Well we got to the room to find that annas mom moved are bags and clothes to the attic for us as we swam.


    and yes we relized after awhile we would have to go in front of her amazingly hot cousins.
    so we got into a debate as in who should have to go out there. I said that she should becasue thats her family... she said i would cause i will never see them agian.. this went on for like 8 mins. Which this ment we had to run 3 stories to get up to are bags.and now the boys would obv. see us and chase us.

    and we thought 2 ft was embarrassing but now we have to face her whole family.

    OMG talk about embarrassing as we struggled up the stairs into the living room then the kitchen then more stairs past all the parents rooms and the room where all the parents where to the othere stairs then the attic where there was no door so the boys were getting elled at to leave us alone. but still watched in glory. i still cant look any of her cousins in the eyes whenever the come to visit.

    well i hope you enjoyed mah story..btw if your reading this pleas comment A if you think my excuse was better than annas (you know that she should becasue thats her family) and type B if you think her excuse was better you know (she said i would cause i will never see them agian) so plz leave A or B we are still wondering if only one of us should have.
  • PvZ is awesome


    i was playing truth or dare and my friends teamed up on me and had to do this
    1 wear diaper for rest of game
    2 go #1 and #2 in diaper
    3 wear it as a hat for rest of game and find new one to wear normally
    4 put jelo in it and have wedge to make it go up my butt
    5 go out side for 5 min.
    worst part as i was outside my friends locked all the doors and windows so i went in a bush and got inside in morning.


    good story... I'm 20 years old guy. but when I was 16, my elder brother did some naughty thing to me. I came out from bthroom in a towel. from behind he took off it. then I was completly naked. & then I want to hit him. for this reason I ran. but in the mean time my 5 female frnds was in the house & I didn't know this. I came downstair & saw them. I was very shamefull. they all laugh on me. even today they all puch me to say "wht a nice cock u have".
  • Horny Santa: TO: hobo...
    Horny Santa


    TO: hobo
    you are my best friend.
    FROM: Horny Santa
  • Anonymous: fool!