Caught in womens panties!

From: Gregory

I remember an incident that happened to me when I was in highschool. After classes one day I decided to cut through the girls' gym. I saw two girls talking to each other there. One of the girls was very pretty. Her name was Jenny. The other girl was a skinny, mousy girl named Lisa. She was about 4 inches shorter than me. To get Jenny to notice me (I had a crush on her) I teased Lisa as I walked by them. All of a sudden Lisa grabbed my arm, spun me around and slapped me across the face! I was shocked and pretended it didn't hurt me so I wouldn't look bad in front of Jenny, but I was dazed from it. I put up my hand to keep Lisa away but I accidentally caught her blouse and it tore slightly open. She got real mad at this and then punched me in the stomach. I doubled over, Lisa pulled my head up, hauled off and punched me right in the jaw and down to the floor I went. I was really embarrassed as I could see Jenny's mouth open amazed that this little girl was beating me up.

I was quite embarrassed to be beaten up in front of the girl I had a crush on. She grabbed my tee-shirt. In those days I was already wearing panties. Lisa must have caught sight of my panties exposed above my jeans asshe was pulled on my T-shirt. She exclaimed, 'What's this!' To my horror she began to unbuckle my jeans. To get a better view Jenny walked over closer to us. I struggled but she was stronger than me. Lisa furiously undid my jeans. I held on with both hands but with one quick motion she yanked my jeans down to my knees!

My heart sank as Jenny gasped as she saw me laying on the gym floor exposed in my women's' white nylon briefs with little flowers on them and a thin lace waistband. I was totally humiliated as Jenny shouted, " Oh my God! Gregory's wearing his Mother's Underpants!!!" She laughed and laughed.

All of a sudden two more girls walked into the gym. I was so embarrassed. They asked what was going on. Jenny shouted, "It's Gregory and he's wearing his Mother's Underpants!" One of the 2 new girls, Karen, said "What a Fag! You should spank him!" I begged Lisa, "No, please don't. I'm sorry, PLEASE!" But Karen came over to help. Between the two of them they yanked my shoes off, pulled my jeans all the way off and Lisa then turned me over her knee. My heart sank as Lisa began to spank me VERY hard! I could hear jenny laughing even louder than before. Karen shouted, "Harder!" and Lisa spanked me even more. I actually started to cry from the pain and the humiliation. There I was in my women's flowered panties in front of four girls.

Karen then shocked me when she said, "No Lisa, on the BARE butt!" Jenny came over squealing and grabbed the waistband of my panties. "Mr. Gregory, you're a Bad boy!" I couldn't believe it but Jenny actually reached down and removed my underpants in front of everyone. I was completely devastatied. Jenny then taunted me about being overpowered and stripped by a girl. Karen shouted, "Look! You can see inside his butthole!" As they all laughed. I tried to keep it closed but I knew they all could see right in it.

The final act of humiliation came when Karen said, "Let's check him out. Lisa, turn Gregory over!" I struggled desperately but Lisa was too strong for me. I was devastated as I was being turned over I could see Jenny's (the girl I had such a crush on) face with its big smile. She was staring right at my penis. I was so humiliated. As soon as they all saw it they all laughed and screamed. Jenny said, "Look at Gregory's little penis ( 1 12" soft), no wonder he wears girls' underpants!" They all continued to laugh as I saw Jenny pointing at my little penis she could barely breathe she was laughing so hard. I knew she was never going to go out with me now. Karen then took her thumb and index finger and flicked my cock. This brought howls of laughter and more tears to my eyes. Karen then said "Nice little penis, Gregory, almost like a real one!" Then Lisa slapped me right across my face. My crying was constant now. I couldn't stop. One of the girls watching called me a faggot for letting a small girl beat me up. Lisa slapped my balls and then threw me off her lap. "Fag" she said. They left me there on the floor crying, except that Jenny took my panties with her. I could never look her in the eye again. Once she walked by be and whispered 'How's your tiny little panty-covered penis, Gregory?' And walked away with one of her girlfriends laughing.








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  • SomeoneRandom


    Wow...that sounds embarrassing lol. It was funny though sorry xD Lol and plus, you shouldnt be embarrassed if a girl beats you up...who made up that theory about guys being stronger? Lol i mean if girls worked out more than guys do, obviously the girls would be stronger. But we just don't do it and act weak in front of you to satisfy you :) sorry about that they're mean bitches...can't believe how they humiliated you like that -_- i couldnt cope with it if i were you.
  • Your a gay loner: (+1) 3 reasons why this is fake...
    Your a gay loner


    3 reasons why this is fake
    1) No girls would do this, too pussy
    2) Why would you wear women underwear in the day you had gym?
    3) You'd beat the shit out of them... Fucking nerd
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  • tom: wow


  • Arebourerax: Humor ...



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  • jane


    wow now my story seems like nothing girly panties ok that was mean no ill tell you sombad that happened to me to be fair
    well i was at this farm camp with my friend holly. we were on cow poop duty. we had to put it all in this box so it could become manure. well holly pushed me into the box it hadn't been cleared in days i fell upside down face first into all the cow poop it barely covered my entire body. i was stuck in there for five whole minutes! it got in my mouth and everything. IM TO PRETTY FOR THIS
  • anonymus: Hey Stef...


    Hey Stef

    They were beating him up because he was wearing panties. He sat there and took it because he was outnumbered 4 to 1. He probably wore pantes because they feel so good. I say this because I wear panties every day. I am wearing blue panties today with white trim.
  • Master Bates


    I shall be sending this story to my sailor friend in the marines. His name is Seaman Stains.
    At least the panties are not red, seamen stains stick out like a sore thumb in red.
    I like yellow panties, Peewee Stains never shows up even when he's got a swollen throbbing bellend.
    Shit Stains, you need to wear Brown down at skid row.
    Blue pants match your eyes.
    From a jerk 2a Jerk de Clerke

  • You actually expect: Okay, I've got a few questions....
    You actually expect


    Okay, I've got a few questions.
    1. Why the f*** were you wearing womens panties?
    2. Why didn't you answer anyone else who asked this?
    3. Why didn't you puch Lisa in the face?
    4. Why are you such a fag?
    5. Go jump in a hole, you fag.
  • why do ucare


    Dude there has to be two lessons from this story

    1) dont pick on someone so there friend can like you (especially if there stronger than you)

    2) dont wear woman's panties, im sorry but why the hell did you decide to wear them, what was going on in your head, dont want to be mean but still
  • wow!


    omg gregory u have my sympathy also! i cant believe those grls dont no how to solve their problems like mature ppl! they have to resort to humiliation! and where did they come up with the idea to strip u? im sorry but that grl jenny is a biotch! and "anonymous" i cant believe u think that gregory has problems.. and that he deserves it... ur sick! thats disgusting someone should slap u! come to ur senses this poor guy!
  • Tatiana


    Hey tatiana that does suck but could you be more of a baby bitch to let this all happen. YOU GOT SPANKED AND BENT OVER. What you need to do is man up and get in there face so that you intimidate them but dont hit them because it is wrong to hit a girl. cmon man that would never happen if you used you balls. idk how you let ti happen but what you need to do is make sure no one thinks it ever happened.
  • David


    I wore my sister's panties once and I paid for it. One night I was walking in the alley and these 2 girls and a boy pantsed me as I walked by and they saw that I was wearing pink panties with white lace trim. They laughed their asses off. As I reached down to pull up the panties and my jogging pants they pushed me to the ground and pulled my pants off. They let me pull the panties up. One girl said, "Let's make him kiss our asses." They all yelled in agreement. They took me bwtween these two houses and had me get down on my knees. They stood in front of me one at a time
    and I kissed the two girls's asses and they howeled. I started to get up and they said wait a minute and told me that I had to kiss the boy's ass. I protested but they told me to shut up. Because I protested they made kiss the boy's ass all over and made me kiss his ass crack and for good measure they made me smell his ass. It certainly didn't smeee good. Eww!! I don't wear panties anymore.
  • Blake


    How big were you then? Some women do have some natural strength I could see that if she was a gymnast. As far as revenge I would start pumping some iron and do some stretching exercises for your penis to lengthen it somewhat and take some celias and other natural male enhancers. Track down lisa and challenge her to a fight (take some wrestling classes well before hand) and beat her and strip her naked. Also seek some help with the womans underwear thing.
  • Andrew


    Wel, one,making fun of girls friend isn't the way to get a girls attention,as I'm sure you've figured out.
    And shit...that sucks...
  • Hannah: OMG!...


    That's not embarrassing,that's deperessing!
    I'm sorry!
  • ur a FAGGOT!!!!!!!


    dude, seriously, i am 15 now and at my skool if u were caught in women's underwear, much worse those of your mother, u get shot, dead serious, me or one of my mates shoots u dead then and there, and to make matters worse u let a girl overpower u, A GIRL, u sed it urself that she was small and mousy, ur a fucking loser and i hope u no that, and another thing, u prolly have a small penis because of ur faggishness, fags wish they were female right so then they could b fucked by other guys, i h8 u, u should die
  • spaz


  • why should you no


    DUDE thats weird u wearing womans underpants.
    HOW can a lil girl be stronger than you seriously??
    i feel sorry for you and i dont in some wayz.
  • Gregory


    Katie: I only date females, and of course, they wear panties too!.
    Nixy: Yeah, they get slapped and they would wobble, as you say, afterwards, a little bit anyway.
    Someone: You don't have to be a fag to wear women's panties. I wear them cuz I just like they way they feel on me.
    Why Should...: I don't know if she was stronger really. It happened real quick, I was in a bit of shock and she must have gotten some leverage, Plus she had caught me by surprise and knocked the wind out of me.
  • Anonymous: What a lie!...


    What a lie!

    I bet this is like your fantasy or something
  • God


    Wow.. talk about insecure little kiddies here calling you a fag. At least he's got the balls to admit the story.

    This story totally shocked me though. Lisa must be one serious fucking bulldyke. Of course, being strong myself I could never imagine being overpowered by a girl, but still, dude, that had to be a perfectly awful experience. I don't think I've ever heard of anything remotely like this happening to a guy.. just sort of bugs me out. Don't fret it though, dude, you're a bigger man than me; you didn't kill them all, which is exactly what I would have done.
  • Anonymous


    Actually, this is a very sweet and touching story. I think Gregory should have encouraged the girls to masturbate him as long as his little panties were down. The girls would have delighted watching him cum and he would have had the time of his life. Jenny might have gotten horny herself and this would have been in Gregory's interest. He should have told the girls that he wore panties because he loved women and wanted to be fully identified with them. It was a sign of how secure he was in his sexuality that he could wear women's panties and not feel emasculated.
  • Janice


    Gregory, admit it, you are a FAG! You probably dream of going to a GAY BAR and pickin up a WELL HUNG BLACK STUD then goin to his place and BEGGING to SUCK his 10 inch COCK. You would take his HARD MEAT and rub it all over your ASSPUSSY to lube it with his PRECUM and then push back onto his STEAL ROD and BEG him to CUM inside you. Then you could go back to the GAY BAR with his SEMEN OOZING into your PANTIES like a REAL GIRL!
  • Toots


    just two questions greg
    why were u wearing girls panties, and did u get the girls back
  • blahblah: WTF!?


  • Anonymous


    Im srry dude, i mean what they did to u was pretty embarassing. But i still have the question of why u were wearin womens panties? And im small, but if girls were doing this to me i would punch that chick right in the face, you may be weak but could still do some damage, and maybe leave that place with a little self dignity. But it sounds like this lisa girl was a real bitch, but even so, you shouldnt have teased her.
  • chuck: Gregory ...



    1)you need to get some viagra,penis pumps,and enlargement lotion that way you won't need to cover yourself

    2)after you gradgueate of school go over to Lisa's house with your penis out and say look how big it is now now

    3)she will faint because it is so big

    4)while she is fainted go take your panties back

    5)happy ending

    6)the end