Exposed by my brother

From: Anonymous

I hate my younger brother - He is such a pest and a little sex deviate.

I fixed his butt good one day when he and his friends (boy and girl friends ) were over and I offered to bring out some food . I put it on the table in front of them. Started to walk behind him to go back to the kitchen and yanked his pants and underpants down to his ankles exposing him in front of his little friends...hahaha .. he was sooo embarassed and swore he would get me back.

He did...

One night I went out partying with my friends and man I got blasted. My boyfriend drove me home but I had lost my keys at the party so I went in the backyard and fell asleep in the hammock we have in the back yard

I figured I would get up in the morning and sneak back in the house somehow later. Hey I was drunk and not thinking too well.

Well my brother looked out and saw me sleeping dead to the world

He untied my halter top and my skirt and unhooked my bra and he hung them on our clothes line with clothes pins and moved them all the way to the top of the line and jammed the rope so it couldnt be moved. Then the brat set my parents alarm clock an hour earlier and to very loud so they would wake up before i did.

Next thing I know my mom is shaking me ..and I got hell from her as I lay naked in our backyard wearing just my panties. I cudda!!!! I got grounded for 3 months .

Best did my brother get grounded and he got a belt to his behind when my father found out it was my brother instead of my boyfriend who took off my clothes.