Movie Pee

From: Elizabeth C

I was at the movie theater with my boyfriend watching a romantic comedy. After drinking a large Pepsi I had to pee so bad so I crossed my legs and tried to hold it in. The movie was getting really good so I didn't want to get up and miss it by going to the bathroom so I held it a little longer. The kissing scene came on and my boyfriend pressed his weight up against me and I let out a groan telling him I wanted more. Unfortunately a groan wasn't all I let out and soon enough I was peeing as fast as Niagara Falls. When the movie was over we got up to leave and my boyfriend reached to squeeze my butt and received a nasty surprise. He screamed in disgust and left me standing in the lobby getting disturbed looks from passerby's.

Luckily he forgave me and we are still together.








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  • anomynous


    the first time i went to the movies with my dad... i was about (14)when this happend, anyways we talked to the manager and asked him what movies would be good for us. He suggested a movie and we were watching, all of the sudden a SEX scene comes on and their half NAKED.i quickly told him that i have to use the restroom and stayed there until the movie was over.I didn't talk to him on the ride home. That was the most emberrasing moment ever for me.