Bulldog Trouble

From: BMP

Ok there is this guy called JAck in my year in school. He is a huge guy, broad shoulders and very fast.

All of the boys were mucking about playing rough british bulldog and he took me out.

I cursed him and ran off laughing. (I knew this would piss him off.)

What i didn't expect was for him to pursue me and launch himself on top of me, pulling me down to the floor.

He then said into my ear: "you tried to piss me off and you did" He then grabbed my trousers and yanked them down so he could see my boxers he then grabbed them and yanked them up into a huge wedgie.

He is a very strong guy but to make it worse he called over his friend leigh (another big guy, at 14 he is 6ft) they then grabbed either side of my boxers and lifted me off the ground.

They then bounced me up and down with the elastic until it ripped.

I was then left with nothing covering me from the waist down. But these guys hadnt had enough. they then dragged to the goalposts and tied me up in the netting.

They got my crush to come over and she did. But what i didn't expect was for her to run over and kick me full-swing in the balls.

i tried to fall and clutch my gentalia but i couldn't (i was stuck). then jack came up to me and punched me in the face, immediatetely tears came to my eyes. they all walked off... i was safe.

at least i though i was. they went over to a small hedge and pulled off a long twig, they stripped the leaves off of it and came back over to me. they want round behind me and moved their arm back, they brought it back with an almighty force whipping me right across the ass. i burst out crying there and then.

so my crush came to me and sed "oh, don't cry it's alright..." then booted me in the balls agen.

so from now on i keep myself to myself and make sure i dont piss ne1 off