To sick to get some?

From: Anonymous

I was probably 16 when this happened and massively insecure. I had stayed home from school sick and my boyfriend came over to give me some TLC. My mother decided to take a nap and we decided to fool around. He said he didnt care if he got sick cuz he'd probably get sick anyway (might as well go down swinging, right?)

Speaking of going down thats about where he was when we heard my mom open her bedroom door and cough. I threw my pants back on and we jumped to opposite ends of the couch. We thought we were so good and so lucky.

Until he went home and my mom had me cleaning the whole house. Like I said I was sick and I asked her why she was making me clean everything. She said if I was well enough to get some I was well enough to clean. I looked at her horrified. "Yeah, I saw you" she said "I dont cough everytime I come out of my room!"

Then she took it too far. She told me I shouldnt tell him that she'd seen us because then he'd be scared to come over and he'd break up with me. Well, Id just had my heart ripped out a few months before by a different guy and I burst into tears and cried for a few hours before he finally talked me into telling him why I was bawling.

He didnt leave me by the way.








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