Naked Boating

From: Walter M

Well one day while fishing with my son I let him drive the boat. I just stood there holding onto the side but for some damn reason I decided to let go of the rail and step back. But I ended up stepping on a piece of squid on the floor and slipped. I tripped myself all the way to the back of the boat and teetered on the edge before falling off.

So of course, as I waited for my son to figure out how to turn around and come back to me, which took a good 20 minutes. I realized that while I slipped off the boat my swimsuit must have gotten attached to a jagged edge and ripped off leaving me wadding in the water naked.

So I got back on the boat and drove the boat back only having my hat to cover myself up. So when we got back to the ramp I told my son to go back to the house and bring me back clothes. So of course he must of though it would be funny if he didnt return.

I drove the boat around a few hours until it became dark and I put the boat on my car and drove home...

I punished my son and of course taught him I always get even cause the next day he found himself locked outside of the house naked for a nice long time.








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  • Jennifer


    i was baby sitting one of my moms friends 2 little kids. I was in crutches in that time so I just layed in bed wit the kids beside me. I had the tv on treehouse. but before the treehouse there was a show of how to have sex. So i put the remote infront of me, then i fell asleep on the job! and then when i woke up i heard noises like someone is having sex. then i turned off the tv and still heard it. then i went in the room where the kids were and they were having sex!! i was so mad and weirded out at the same time! the i yelled at them and they said that the channel had changed and they were watching a show of how to have sex. Then the mom and dad came home and they said moomy daddy, look what i learned today!" and they were brother and sister. they started having sex and it was soooooo embarassing!! then the parents talked to my mom and i got in trouble! i was so embarassed!!
  • David - a nudist


    Being naked is no big deal. Why do so many people make a big deal about nudity? I wish people would grow up and STOP making a big deal about our natural human bodies. If this were my story and I was with my kid (I don't really have any) of the opposite gender, I wouldn't give a rat's ass about being naked after tumbling off the boat. I would make sure both of us were okay and then, I would have just gone inside at the same time as the kid rather than asking to go inside and get my clothes. And, I certainly wouldn't have punished my kid for no reason. Nude is not lewd! Man, we need more nudists in this world. Too many prudes, not enough nudes!
  • matt: (+1) nice...