My cousin : The Jerk

From: Mark

hi, im 14 and im going to tell you a really embarrassing thing that happened to me the other day.

My mom and dad were going to my grandma's for an adult dinner and they asked my cousin Scott to babysit me.

They told him that he was to tell them if I misbehaved and I would get a spanking from each of them.

Now, Scott is 19 and he's a complete jerk...

The day of the dinner came and scott came round. My parents said goodbye to me and off they went. Scott sat down and asked me what I wanted for dinner. I suggested eating out, so he drove us to a little restaurant which had a small show going on and i was pleased.

We ordered and when the food came I forgot to say thank you and I also burped.

Scott, being a jerk, told me that he was gonna tell my parents that I was rude to the staff and that he would make sure i was punished.

I said "oh yeah? how?" then he walked off...

I saw him talking to the waitress and then came back smirking.

The waitress walked over to the phone and called someone.

About half an hour later and we had just finished dessert a woman on the stage asked if me and scott could go up.

I was reluctant but Scott dragged me. When we were there, scott sat down on a chair and pulled me over his lap.

Then he said "To all of the little boys and girls who aren't behaving here...i wanna let you know what you get for being bad."

He pulled down my tracksuit bottoms and underwear began to slap my butt. There was a mixed reaction to this act of discipline and my butt was starting to go red when the doors opened and someone screamed :

"Mark Paul Thomson, I thought I told you to behave?!" - there at the door was my mom and dad and they started walking towards me. They walked up the steps and onto the stage grabbed me by the ear and walked me down to the floor. They then took me to the waitress and told me to apologise. Then came the worst part. They were going to let that waitress spank me in the kitchen!!

My heart dropped as I couldn't believe that i was being spanked for doing nothing wrong.

I was dragged (by my ear) to the kitchen and forced over her lap. She then grabbed a spatula and hit me on the butt 30 times (i know the amount cos i was made to count them)

After the third one I was in tears. when she was done my mom grabbed my collar and pulled me through the restaurant and out of the door.

When we got home i went straight to bed. i got a spanking of my dad the next morning and one off my mom that afternoon.but the worst one was being spanked in front of all those people

My cousin hasnt let me forget it since by slapping my butt once everytime he sees me..The jerk.