Losing more than a bet

From: Mark

So me and my friends make alot of bets, mostly on sport games. And this time we made a bet as we were at a local college game. If I lost, i had to go streak down the field. The game ended, and well, I did lose.

So I stripped my clothes and ran down, freezing my ass off mind you, and hollering. People in the crowd were cheering, but of course it didnt last as the cops caught me and brought, slowly and holding my hands behind my back as if I was dangerous, down the field. So I was basically exposed which I didnt want to be I had no choice I lost the bet.

And the cops took me to the station which of course my father-in-law works and well he got me off, but he never liked me so they forced me to have a walk of shame naked to my home...my wife was a bit confused why I walked into the house completely bare, but she had a good laugh.

I did get even though cause a few months later on vacation I stole my father inlaws clothes while he was in the outside shower...He had his own little walk of shame. :P








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