Farting in public..never good..

From: JosGirl

One afternoon I was in Toys R Us with my 10 year old son and 11 year old daughter and I felt a fart coming on...

I thought it was going to be silent so I slowly let it go. Much to my embarassment, it was a real ripper! Needless to say, I didn't see the lady behind me.

My kids got a real good laugh out of it. The lady ran into the next isle and was laughing hard! Boy the stares I got in line!!








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  • Umm...


    One time in school I bent down to get my books. As I went down a fart started to come out so I thought no one noticed then frrrrrrrrrrrrrp! A huge fart comes out then I didn't no I said this out loud nut I said " boy aren't I the queen of farts" everyone started laughing at me and from then on I was called the queen of farts. And worst of all my crush was getting his books too so I farted in his face!
  • gordon


    I was in the elevator at work, and as you probably guessed it I had the urge to fart. It was pretty crowded and people were talking making the small elevator loud. I thought I could slip one out, and the noise be drowned by all the voices.... plus the thought of farting in a elevator is just funny anyway. At the very moment I pushed it out, the elevator got silent and of course the fart was a very loud steamy sounding one. I had a few co workers turn their heads to look at me. but most tried to ignore it.... they couldn't ignore the smell though. 7 long floors down they we were all stuck in a gas chamber. I wanted to crawl in a hole.
  • Anonymous


    I was in class one day and we were taking a test, so everyone was quiet. I felt a fart coming on and I wanted to excuse myself from class for a minute, but I knew my teacher wouldn't want me to leave class during a test. I tried so hard to keep it in, but it just slipped out! It was very loud and long and high-pitched. I was so embarrassed and everyone in the class started to laugh. Then one of the guys said "Oh my God! Who did that? It must have been a girl because there are only girls in that part of the room. I thought girls weren't supposed to fart!" The rest of the students in the class talked about it for days and I was so embarrassed. To this day I'm still afraid to fart in front of people now.
  • moochie


    i was sitting in english class as a kid, and i felt one coming on. everyone was working on an assignment, and i tried to ease one out. i really worked hard on squelching the sound, but the hard wood seat makde that impossible. the fart made a loud shrill sound, unlike any fart i have ever heard since. a girl beside me looked up and said,,,"what was that noise?" i have laughed about that moment many years as i look back on it now, and how hilarious something so silly can be/
  • I like to fart!!: (+1) LOL!!!!
    I like to fart!!