Not Dressed For The Occassion

From: Jason

I love being naked (when I'm alone). So one day when I was home alone I was strutting around nude. It was pretty fun.

At about noon I went to the toilet. While I was in there I heard the ront door open. My parents had come home!

And not only that! They had tons of friends round (with their kids!)

So I was stuck in the bathroom with no clothes and the only way to get to my clothes was to leave the bathroo with nothing on at all.

I decided to stay, but after about half an hour a small girl was banging on the door.

My parents came up and opened the door with the lock. When they saw I was naked they sent me to my rom to get dressed.

Unfortunately, it didn't get any better. On the way there I met a girl from my school who was real fit. She laughed at me and pushed my arms out the way, then cracked up and was rolling on the floor. I ran into my room and got dressed. By the next day everyone at school knew about it, including people that don't even go to my school.