Bad Decision

From: Justin B

This happened two years ago. I was 11, a sixth grader in middle school.

I have always liked wearing my sister's clothes. When I'm home alone I'll walk around the house in just her clothing (blouse, skirt, panties, etc.), it just feels so comfortable!

One day I ran out of whitey-tighties so I had a decision to make. I could either go to school freeballin' or I could go to school in my sister's panties. I chose the panties.

P.E. was something that I had forgot about. We always have to change in the locker room, and I knew that if anyone saw my in panties I'd live to regret it. My plan was to change as quickly as possible.

Suddenly, from behind me, one of the kids gives me a wedgie (common practice at my school), seeing my panties. "Justin's wearing panties! He's such a fag!" the kid yelled. Everyone in the locker room was now focusing on me.

"He needs a frontal wedgie!" one kid yelled. "An atomic frontal wedgie!" screamed another. And so it was decided: an atomic frontal wedgie in panties. I clenched my teeth, knowing what was coming. *yank* I have never felt that much pain in my balls before. I began to cry, and that was a very bad idea.

"Oh, the little faggot is crying, let's give him more to cry about!" a kid yelled. The next thing I know, three kids start kicking me in the balls repeatedly. I fall to the floor, clutching my family jewels. I felt myself get picked up (I couldn't see as panties were still over my head) and carried somewhere. The kids undo my atomic frontal wedgie allowing me to see that we are out in the football field, and proceed to pants me. They hang my panties on the flagpole, tying me NUDE with duct tape to the bottom of the pole. Then they leave me there, after taking a few pictures.

Eventually the football team untied me as they didn't want to look at me for the whole game, but those panties were left there. From that day on, I was the least popular kid in school!