Wet At Work

From: James

I was going to my first major job. i got an office job because i liked being in a cubicle, doing work. well, unfortunately, they put me on the floor with a bunch of pranksters. i was busy, doing my work when i see one of the pranksters with a funnel down his pants and trying to catch a quarter with it. he would throw the quarter up in the air, and catch it with the funnel. well, this sparked my intrest, and since it was my lunch break, i went to try it, since i was on my way to the bathroom. i asked if i could try it. he handed me the funnel and the quarter, and he told me to put the funnel down my pants, and down my underpants if i wanted. i put it down my pants, and i started playing. i caught it a couple of times, and i continued for a while. meanwhile, the prankster was getting a huge cup of freezing cold water. he comes back and sees me playing. he comes over with the cup, and pretended to drink it while watching. well, he *accidentally* tripped and fell, purposely putting the cup into the funnel, which traveled down to my underwear. He began laughing really hard, because my it looked like id peed myself..

I had to work like that for the rest of the day, and everyone got their little laugh throughout that time.








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  • hmmmm


    Thats a variation on a very old prank.

    Someone gets you to put a piece of fruit on your upturned forehead and tries to get you to 'catch' it in a funnel, that you have in your pants.

    Meanwhile you are busy doing that, they pour cold water in the funnel.....very old indeed *nods*.