Sat in *ketchup* ;)

From: shewhoshallnotbenamed

Ok so this jus happened today so its pretty freshly imprinted in my mind.

Ok jus let me give u my general standings here first. I liked in a little town for a long time and i was you know popular, pretty, funny, smart...u know the spill; the type every gurl hates and every guy wants.

Well, we moved.

So now i live in a big city, and i am just moving up the social ladder to really popular, and everything is jus starting to feel good and normal again.
And then this happens:(
Ok so yesterday i started my period. It was your usualy average period, medium flow, you know. So, today, just incase i put in a super to make sure it wouldnt leak.

What shit. Im suing Kotex.

Ok so im in first hour and i get up and im walkin with this really popular guy and i fell *really wet.* But he was looking at my ass, which ppl usually do, and he didnt act like he saw nething, so i figured maybe i leaked a little but not much.
So i get to P.E. second period and i sit down in the gym and open up my legs real fast to do a quick damage assesment.
Congratualations, i have a BIG RED BLOB in the middle of my pants.
and i mean BIG.REALLY BIG!

So im like, ok this is fine, i will just sit here, and after the announcements are over i will scurry downstairs, dress out, and comlain i got cramps and go home.

Not So.

I forgot on mondays they make you stand for the pledge. So im thinkin, im almost there, ALMOST. and some bitch doing the announcments goes "Now if you will all stand for the pledge..." And my friend mallory and louisa were sitting next to me and i had already told them my issue and they jus BURST OUT LAUGHING and i was like "thanks guys"...So i get down there and the whole gym knows what happened now, and i grabbed my gym clothes, went into the bathroom and cried.
And then i got my cell and called my mom to come get me. Well, i guess in this school they expect u to trapse down to the nurse to check out whether u got blood on ur ass or not, so my gym teacher sent me down to the office.

I get down there and find out tht the nurse doesnt even have her own office, so there are all these ppl around her and she asks me why im leaving, and i was like "uhhh i dont feel good" and she goes "thats not good enuff to go home" so i had to explain the whole thing in front of this gurl who HATES me and is friends with the guys i am IN LOVE with and i know she promptly left to go tell him.

so when ppl ask me why i was gone, i jus say i sat in ketchup