My naked revenge!

From: Tammy

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 18th birthday. My big brother(21) decided to get me a present I would never forget. He got me a stripper. Not a chippendale mind you, so friend of his who weighs like 360lbs and has bigger breasts than me. I told him I would get him back one day. Well that day came last weekend. He had just finished cutting the yard and was about to take a shower. He was expecting a call from this company he was trying to get a job with. He told me and my mom that if they called to get him from the shower. A couple of my friends came over when the company called for him so I knocked on the door and let him know. He came out in only a towel. When he started talking I yanked off the towel! I know it was wrong but I couldn't help myself. But my brother is a cool customer. He kept talking while covering himself with his other hand. Once he hung up he chased after me until he realized he was naked in front of everybody. I slapped him on the butt and said now we are even and gave him back his towel.

My friends thanked him for the show! :)








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  • Alzi: (-1) You go girl!...


    You go girl!
    But it would have been funnier to push him outside n lock the door!
  • Zach: (+2) Sick.


  • cody


    ok, yesterday night i was hanging around with my sister and she was poking me with her shoe so i turned around then she poked me in the butt with her shoe soo i was like what the hell are you doing? then shes got naked and we fucked on my moms bed then my mom came home and i fucked her with my sister and my brother came home and i sucked his dick while he fucked my sister while my mom was ontop of me jumping up and down on my cock it was soo embarrasing !!!