Ultimate Truth or Dare

From: Lindsey

Everyone's played truth or dare, but my friends and I take it to an extreme level. The incentive we have is that if anyone completes the truth or dare they not only are admired by everyone but they get money. We all throw in money into a pot and whoever has the most completed truths or dares at the end of the game wins.

The truths were intense, the questions were like what kind of underwear you have on right now, or who you've had sex with at school and the dares were even worse. Feeling brave I took dare when it was my turn. My dare was to run around the neighborhood naked. Feeling brave I stripped down to my birthday suit, and ran outside (it was night time just so you know). I ran around the entire neiborhood and no one saw me. I felt relieved and started running back home. I ran through my neighbor's yard to get home quicker. Just then their alarm went off. I jumped out of shock and then got really scared. I didn't want anyone to see me so I ran faster. Then my foot got stuck in something and I struggled to get free.

I was stuck in the middle of my neighbor's yard naked and alone. The police came and so did about everyone in the neighborhood. People were pointing and laughing at me. I tried to cover myself as best I could, but I still felt completely exposed. It was so humiliating.

What's worse is my friends said the dare was not complete so I didn't get the money.








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