The naked bin man

From: Will

Me being a rebel, i decided to skip my swiming lesson as i hated swiming, I wish I hadnt now!!!

Me and two friends had to go back after school another day to do it, as i was late i got kept behind another 10 minutes to make up for the time i missed.

when it was over and i went back into the changing rooms, and got dry naked as i useally do when i saw my empty fanta bottle and i thought i better put it in the bin and i thought no-one was around so ill do it naked. WRONG!!

so i opened the door and turned the corner to see p.e teacher who happens to be pretty fat aswell looking disgracefully at me "what the hell are you doing!" she shouted at me, i tryed to explain while covering my dick as the bottle fell out of my hand, but she carried on "put your hands by your side! you aint got nothing i aint seen before! if you wanna walk around like that do it!"

so i stood there with my hands by my sides, my willy showing "i was just puting my bottle in the bin" i said "so she said go on then" so i picked up the bottle and walked the 10 yards to the bin "that bins full up" she said "so what do you want me to do" i replied quielty very scared of what she mite say next "theres a bin outside go and use that" she shouted at me, i was like oh no!!

so i opened the door to the outside and a cold breeze shocked my exposed body, i could see the bin she meant and lucky for me no-one was in sight, so i walked quickly over to bin and put the bottle in it, and i turned around to see one of my friends little sisters and her friend (they were both about 11 and at the time i was 15), she giggled at me and said " wills willy!" and stood there watching me as i walked back indoors to the big fat bitch of a teacher

"never do that again! you should be ashamed of yourself, walking around naked!" she said in disgust as i hung my head in shame "go and get dressed and we will never speak of this moment again" so i walked passed her to back into the changing room and she pinched my bum! and smiled and said "nice bum by the way

i was really embarssed! the fat p.e teacher had just seen me naked and pinched my bum! i quickly got dressed and walked home!