Naked at the pool

From: Aaron

Hi my name is aaron and i am 17years old. one day 5 of my mates asked if i wanted to go swimming with them. i said yes.

when we were getting changed i noticed that my mates had the swimmies underneath their clothes so they got changed really fast. when i was in the middle of getting changed my mates grabbed me. i was naked.
Picture this-a group of teenage lads in their swimmies holding a completely naked lad in the changing rooms.
anyway i said very funny and i expected them to let me go. oh no, how wrong was i. my mates dragged me out through the lockes and threw me into the pool!! i was f**king embarrassed.
i got out of the pool and tried to cover my bits. if ur a lad out there you will know that when your genitals are wet they just slip and slide out of your fingers. thats what happed to me. i was standing there with mybits hanging out all over the place.
eventually a man gave me towel and i could rest - or could i?

when i got back to sixthform college my tutor goes 'nice bits'!! He had seen me naked cos he was at the pool!

i was sooo embarrassed.

p.s had any1 got any ideas on how to get them back?!








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