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From: Barry

My name is Barry and one of my most embarrassing moments ever was when I bet my friend Brittany on a football game a few years ago. We agreed that the loser would have to do something for the winner (as long as it was not illegal). I told her that I was not worried because "the only sport females know anything about is cheerleading." Well, I lost the bet which gave her a chance for payback. Brittany dressed me up in a cute cheerleading uniform and took me to a local high school football game to do some cheering. She even made me wear some string-bikini panties under the cheerleading skirt. And she had obviously told the high school cheerleading squad that I was coming because they were very excited to see me. They helped me learn and do some cheers for about 20 minutes. It was so embarrassing...but fun. The most embarrassing part is when 2 of the cheerleaders came up to me and smashed creme pies in my face. I fell back on my butt hard, but got up on my hands and knees. I felt someone lift my skirt and then I felt a creme pie splat on my butt. Brittany had creme pied my panties. YIKES!! I was so embarrassed!








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  • Blondie: (-3) R u gay?


    R u gay?
  • Anonymous: (-1) gimp...


  • jenna


    when i was on the cheerleading squad, i was a freshman. there are 12 cheerleading girls After my first cheerleading practice, i went to take a shower. However, what i didn't know was that the rest of the girls were secretly following me. They followed me and one pulled my shirt off, another pulled my pants down, a third pulled my panties down, and finally the last person snapped my bra. They were laughign and i was beat red. Later, we had sex and we all cumed. The coach came in and we got in trouble but not that bad. She revealed that she was a lez and started stripping. We had at least 2 hours of passionate sex. Fourtunately, no one saw us or heard us.
  • Julia


    Oh my god...this is sooo funny. I actually am friends with Sara, a friend of Brittany, and remember her telling me about this. I thought Brittany paid Barry back very creatively. It was a show of total GIRL POWER! Sara laughs about it by saying "Brittany blasts Barry Brigham's butt!" Seeing it on this site is so funny. Do you still wear those panties Barry??? Give me an "E" for Embarrassed!!!