Fart prank gone wrong!

From: Anonymous

I remember when I was 13, feeling a little bored one summer's day, and thinking it would be funny to bother my older sister, Rebecca, and her friends Wendy, Sarah, Amanda, and Michelle. They were all 15-16, and over at our house hanging around with my sister. I had a real crush on Wendy and thought Sarah and Amanda were very pretty as well. All of them thought it was funny to make fun of me, and they would call me names like "Toughskinsboy" (because my mom made me wear those classic dorky brightly colored jeans from the 70's) or "Paulipoo" (my mom's pet name for me when she wanted to embarrass me), and then giggle and laugh.

So I walked into our rec room, where they were watching TV, and Sarah wasted no time saying "oh hey Paulipoo, you look sooo cool in those Toughskins, did mommy dress you again this morning?" All this girls bursted into uncontrollable giggles and I was very embarrassed. With the wisdom of my 13 year old mind, I decided the only right thing to was turn around, pull down my Toughskins and undies, and moon them (followed by a loud fart that had been building up). The girls started really freaking out as I pulled down my pants and my sister was like "you better not, Paul", and the girls were all "Ewwwww....that is SOOOO gross", and "you are in BIG trouble now - let's get him."

Before I could get my pants up, my sister and one of the other girls had me pinned down on the carpet and Wendy said "Let's spank him until he is crying and his bottom is bright red." A long, loud hard fury of spanks started and despite my protests they went on for what seemed like forever. I didn't always know who was spanking me but it was usually 1 or 2 at a time and some of them spanked very hard! Most of the girls used their hands, but one of them took off my belt and gave me some loud, stinging, licks, and another took out her hairbrush and paddled me with it. There was a lot of giggling, my protests were ignored, and comments like "look how red his cheeks are!!, "the top ones or bottom ones - both!", "you better not ever moon us and fart at us again or you won't sit down for a week," "how does it feel to get spanked by us, toughskinsboy?"

With my bottom becoming extremely sore, and feeling totally embarrassed, I started crying and begged the girls to stop. The girls teased me mercilessly "oh Toughskinsboy isn't so tough", "the farting wasn't so funny after all. huh", "does Paulipoo need his mommy to give him a hug and wipe those tears away." Michelle then said, "Rebecca let's tell your mom when she gets home." Knowing full well that Mom would tan my already sore rear end with her wooden spoon, I begged them not to.

The girls agreed on one condition, I would have to sing a silly song and dance for them of their choosing. Wendy and Amanda said how about the "Hokey Pokey?" I blushed and said "no way!", and then Rebecca exclaimed "ok well I guess Paulipoo is going to get spanked on his bare bottom with a wooden spoon" by Mom. My bottom could not take anymore, so I agreed. The girls decided I had to do it over until I got all of the words and dance right, so I wound up doing it at least 6 times. The girls had just burst into uncontrollable laughter, debating whether I should be called "hokey pokey boy", "Paulipoo", "Toughskinsboy", "little stinker", or "little mr. stop girls my bottom is so sore."

Now thoroughly embarrassed, the girls started to let up, each giving me several very sharp smacks over the seat of my Toughskins, making comments such as "hope you can sit down tonight", "need a butt cushion", "hope your bottom is not too sore", "you got what you deserved", and "Rebecca. you should tell your mom anyway."

Thankfully, Rebecca never told my mom, but the girls always giggled and in one way or another made sure they reminded me of this incident for the rest of my days at home. Needless to say, I never did an immature moon and fart prank again.