Coloring my ass

From: Michelle

Every time we have progress report days where we get to work independently. We were working nicely and then my math teacher calls my name and goes "Michelle please bring your progress report and Agenda so I can see if it's signed.

I brought it up there and he said ok here's a B. And he said ok let me see ur agenda.

Earlier that day in Science, my teacher wrote Hw: color assignment with markers.

So i abrevieated assignement.It said color ass with markers.

He went COLOR ASS WITH MARKERS???I started craking up so hard that i started crying and my mascara ran and i was wearing boots and i tripped trying to cover my face and i fell,exposuing my bright blue thong!

He said "ok tonights assignment is to color your ass with markers.."

Now to this day, people come up to me and tell me - "dont use permanent!" - grrr!