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Flashy Party

From : anonymous

One day at school when i was in 6th grade i really needed to pee. It was almost the end of the class and of school so the teacher wouldn't let me go. I didn't have time after school because i had to ride the bus home so i tried to hold it in. Well i couldn't controll it any longer so i just peed on the bus. Luckily i had a sweater and no one noticed but that wasn't the end of it. When i got to my house my parents were in a big hurry to to go to a party for a friend of theirs. I went along with them but i couldn't find any underwear so i went with out any,unfortunately i was wearing a skirt. When i got to the party there were a couple of boys a few year older than me. I was trying to showoff in front of them and i did a cartwheel. I fell down flashing everyone(including the boys) at the party!

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