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From : Anonymous

This was so stupid i still believe to this day god hated me that day.

i worked at a high volume home depot when i was younger, and the best part of the job was chatting and hooking up with teh cashiers.

i had just recently become a health freak so i was in great shape compared to most of th guys there and i'd get alot of attention.

my shift is about to end, and i'm glad, i gotta take a piss like a race horse before i leave (i'd drank 3 one liter bottles of water in an hour). right as i near the offices where the punch clock and the washrooms are, this chick i know and was about to start dating come out from teh office. i figure i can hold it in for a minute or 2, so i chat her up.

once we finished talking, she gave me a big hug, and smushed her tits right into my chest. i'm standing there, in tight denims no less, getting a serious hardon.

she's gonna wait for me so we can get a coffee, i scramble into teh washroom, and just as i feel the relief of getting my pecker out of those tight quarters, the damn thing won't work!

i'm standing there, my hard dick in my hand trying with all my might to piss and it won't come out.

to make matters worse, my other buddy is washing his hands and he notices i'm in pain. it's been 3 minutes of me straining and it won't come out.

i explain quickly, and once he stops laughing he leaves, and a minute later comes back in.

"Dude, A***** is still out there, she wants to know if you're ok!"

"No I'm not OK! tell her i'm standing here with my kidneys about to burst because my dick loves her tits!"(i have no shame)

eventually,(like 10 mins later) i finally am able to piss. i wash up, chuuckle a bit. and walk out..

...into a crowd of coworkers giggling at me.

the girl actually thought it was the funniest thing ever and we're still dating

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