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X Boyfriend Gone BAD

From : sara

in 6th grade i had a boy friend named jamie miller and he was alright but he was such a dick sometimes so one of my friends im'nd him telling him me and him had sex so he broke up with me!
so befor we broke up me and jamie planned a trip to the beach for us and our family over the summer i totaly forgot that jamie was there and he brought along his new blonde girl friend with a HUGE nose and i was sun tanning with the back string untied but i still had the one around my neck tied so he had his girl friend come over and try to pull of my top and instead of it coming off i went up and off whent my top and i was so embrassed jason this totally hott guy i met at the beach was staring at me TOPLESS!!!!! as soon as i noticed jamie was there i grabed my top and put it back on and swung around and punched ponochio in her fat ass nose and she totaly whent in tears and i just walked away and when i saw jamie in the hotel i had jason beat him up the day we left and he called my house and i found out i broke her nose i swear i laughed for hours! but i found out later jamie's older brother got a picture of me topless and put it on his myspace and i cant get on my myspace anymore urrgggg so now i just gotta wait till someone eles tells tom!

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