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From : Kailey

(For reference, I am a 21-year-old blonde with measurements 34"c-24"-32" and tan skin)

The day after midterms in my junior year of college, I went out to celebrate with my friends Liza and Christina and three guys from their Physics class. I was used to guys hitting on me, but I was pretty modest, given that I had only slept with one guy and that was after 3 1/2 years of dating. Anyway, these guys were making me sort of uncomfortable with their comments, but my friends seemed to think they were hilarious, so I didn't make a scene. Anyway we all got a little drunk, and then we went over to their dorm. I thought that was it, but the guys invited us in for some more beers.

After about half an hour, one of the guys suggested that we play some Strip Poker. I was strongly opposed, but everyone else was in favor. I eventually gave in because my friends and I were only a little tipsy, and the boys seemed pretty hammered. Not to mention, they were sort of cute.

The way we played, the person with the lowest hand would have to remove a piece of clothing. After 15 minutes, during which everyone was giggly, we had all lost our shoes, and all of us girls and one of the guys had lost their socks as well. On the next hand, Christina lost, and she had to take off her skirt. Suddenly, we all began to realize what we had gotten ourselves into. She was visibly upset about it, but she took it off anyway. I was angry at seeing my friend being violated by these older guys, and resolved to beat them. Unfortunately I lost the next round. I decided to take off my shirt, and I did so slowly, seething as I undid each button. Now I was really determined to win. I felt exposed, sitting in front of a group of guys in just a bra. The next turn I lost again, and I felt like crying as I slowly tried to slide off my jeans. My jeans were very tight, so I was having some trouble squirming out of them and my boobs were probably bouncing around in my bra which the guys found very amusing.

At this point, I was the one most exposed, so I watched in mixed horror and relief as Liza lost her skirt and then her tang-top. Then, one of the boys, Chad, finally lost a round and had to take off... his socks. Whoop-de-doo. Then our losing streak continued. I sat in a white bra and thong panties praying for the next card to be an 8, but sadly it was a Jack. I had lost again, and now would be the first to show something that mattered. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. Miserably, I covered my breasts with my hands, and then Christina unhooked my bra for me. The boys whooped it up as I shifted uncomfortably.

Now that I was covering myself with my hands, Christina would pick up my cards and show them to me. Finally, the last boy lost his socks, and then Chad lost again and he took off his shirt. Next, Christina lost and had to remove her shirt, revealing a lacy pink bra. By now we were all furious at our luck and at the boys for being such jerks. So we made a big deal when the other two guys each lost their shirt. At this point, the boys were all down to their pants, and we were all down to our underwear, except that I was topless. Since we had a little winning streak, we made a big deal about how we were going to win the next hand. Unfortunately, we didn't, and Christina turned bright red as she fumbled to unhook her bra.

Us girls were now embarrassed and angry and we were determined to win the next round. Liza had to show both me and Christina our cards, as she was the only one that still had a bra. When I lost that round, it was the worst moment of my life. Utterly humiliated, I glowed red as I covered my quivering chest with my right arm and slowly slid down my precious white thong panties down my long legs with my left arm.

I sat rigidly in my chair, legs crossed, hands covering breasts, numb to the situation around me. I listened numbly to the boys laughter and jeering. I watched numbly as Liza lost twice in a row and was devastated as she had to undo her black push-up bra and her black thong panties. Our only player left was Christina with only hot pink lace panties. She won the small victory of having Chad take off his pants before she too was left naked.

The boys, two in pants, one in boxers, stared greedily at us: three college girls, two blondes and a brunette, all in peak physical condition with larger than average breasts and fresh tans, huddled together, naked and humiliated.

Trying fruitlessly to manage a smile, Liza commented on the time and asked for our clothes back. The boys grinned and offered to return our clothes in exchange for "favors". We looked at them disgustedly and decided to leave. It was almost 3, so we figured we could make it over to our dorm fairly safely.

We all stood up slowly and carefully, covering our chests with one arm and our crotches with the other, and backed out the door as the boys stared lustfully. We pulled the door shut behind us. Out in the hall, we breathed a collective sigh of relief.

The hall was surprisingly well lit, so we were nervous about encountering anybody. Outside it would be dark, but it would still be somewhat difficult to cross the campus to get to our dorm without being seen. We couldn't cover ourselves very well so we formed a "train" to preserve our modesty: we joined up front-to-back with Liza first, me second, and Christina last. This way, Christina's front was covered, leaving her free to use both of her hands to cover her ass, and I was covered in both the front and the back, so I was able to use my hands to cover Liza's chest, leaving her free to use her hands to cover her crotch and open doors.

We had just finished arranging this when we heard a deafening noise. We gazed back and saw, to our horror, the boys peeking around the door with an airhorn and a video camera. We froze, panicked, like a deer in the headlights.

Seconds later, a dozen doors opened as people awakened by the airhorn began searching for the source of the noise. There was a collective gasp as about 20 guys caught site of us: three nude girls, practically grinding up against one another.

I quietly urged my friends to stay calm, and our odd formation started to slowly move to the exit. As we worked our way over to the door, our poker opponents circled us with the video camera, as the rest of the guys stared or pulled out camera phones. We trudged along throughout the hoots and laughter, each of us shaking with rage and humiliation. That's when Liza stumbled, causing Christina and I to stumble in turn. My hands slipped off of Liza's breasts, leaving them vulnerable to the flashes of the camera phones. Liza, glowing red, lurched forward and ran for the door leaving my entire front exposed to the whole group of boys as well as Chad's video camera, and a half-dozen camera phones.

It took a few seconds to register what had happened. A dormitory full of boys had an unobstructed view of my tits, not to mention my bloom. The flash of a camera phone called me back to the moment, and I burst into action, sprinting towards the exit with my hands across my chest.

A backwards glance as I burst through the door revealed that about half the guys were staring at my ass, and the other half were hassling Christina, who was the only one left and was completely surrounded.

I sprinted towards my dorm, trying not to think about what just happened, or the fact that I was running across campus nude. Luckily, the entire way to my dorm, I only had one encounter. Two minutes from my dorm, I was stopped by a Campus Security officer. Terrified, I froze and put my hands on my head. The officer turned on his flashlight, and when he saw my nude body standing only a few feet away from him, he doubled over, clutching his crotch. Disgusted, I sprinted off, not stopping until I had reached my room. I realized then that I didn't have the key, since it had been in my pants pocket. I had to knock on a neighboring room, and my friend Elissa let me in, shocked at my appearance. I borrowed some clothes and spent the night in their dorm.

Christina arrived about 15 minutes later. She said that they had surrounded her, and she had to push her way out as they all tried to cop a feel. Whenever she would swat the hands off her ass, someone would make a grab for her chest. She said this went on for several minutes, until she pushed her way out and snuck across campus.

Liza had the worst time by far. Because of all of the beer and the adrenaline rush, she had gotten confused and went into the wrong dorm, where several more boys saw her naked. Drunk and disoriented, she couldn't find her way back and eventually returned to the boys' dorm. Swallowing her pride, she knocked on the boys' door and agreed to give them the "favors" they had asked for in exchange for her clothes and a place to stay. She'd had to suck Chad's and Ryan's dicks, and Michael had fucked her so hard she had trouble walking. She met up with us the next morning, bringing us our clothes and our keys.

The worst part is, this is far from over. The cell phone pics made their way around the college and the video made it on to several porn sites. To add to the utter humiliation, the tape also included the entire strip poker game, which the boys had secretly been recording. Half the college has seen it, and its horrible walking around knowing that everybody has seen you naked. When the new semester started, I had classes with Michael and Chad, who now constantly text me pictures of my own naked body. Last week, a group of guys were crowded around a laptop, and they called me over, and they were watching the video at the part where Liza runs in the hall, leaving me exposed. They watched my nude body revealed in slow motion, as I stood right next to them in real life. Then they asked me when "the sequel" was coming out. All of us get pictures of ourselves naked shoved in our lockers. I heard a rumor that someone even has our video on his iPod Video. Some girls have been sympathetic, while others call us slutty for playing strip poker, and others just tell us to get over it, like it's not a big deal. They are wrong. Having your entire college see you naked and exposed is the ultimate humiliation.

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