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Caught On Camera

From : Anonymous

I'm a third year studying and reside in a male dormatory. A few weeks ago we decided to play slippery-slide in the third floor hallway. There was soap everywhere, and we all wnet either in our underwear or swimwear.

The soap was burning our eyes like mad, and I jumped in our showers, stripping down to wash all the soap off. While I was showering, a drunk first year grabbed my swimsuit and put it on, leaving me having to get to my room naked. It's no big deal, but I wanted to join further, and my room is quite a distance down the hallway.

I had also had about two glasses too much wine at our annual dinner earlier. So I decided to just go naked.

However, people were taking photos all over the place, and the next day when they began sharing photos, I realized that I featured quite explicitly on many of them!!!

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