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In My CROTCH School Welcome

From : Brandi

One day while I was walking home from school (Im a freashmen) these 3 girls walk up to me and said meet us at the dark alley at 9:00. I was all alone and these were the popular girls so i thought it would be fun. My parents were out of town.


When I got there they taped my mouth shut took me out back to the woods and stripped me down to nothing but my panties!!!! I wished I would of never gone because then they poured sugar down my underwear and then put worms by my crotch!!!!
then they gave me a horrid wedgie and took me off the tree. I thought it was over but it wasint they threw me to the ground and shoved a stick as far as they could down my ass and took pics of the stick up my ass!!!

after they were done with me they wedgied me on the tree that they tied me up to!!!!!!!!
My panties were elastic so it took 30 min to an hour for them to finally rip. after they did I pulled a worm 6 in long out of my crotch it felt wierd. then i ran home 1 mile naked!!! (They stole my clothes) I was just happy to be home.

I dont care if u all say this story is fake im just happy to get it off my chest. ;)

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