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Angry Moms And Boyfriends Don't Mix!

From : Ana

This is a story about one of my friends, but I was there too.My friend (lets call her Alli) decided to have a sleepover for her 13th birthday. She invited seven or eight of her friends, (both boy and girl) me, and her boyfriend. All the girls were going to stay overnight.

It was getting late, and we were all getting bored. It was dark outside and Alli had a trampoline so some of us wanted to go outside to jump on it. Some of the girls didn't though and started crying, (for some unknown reason), but Alli, I, her boyfriend, and some other girls went outside anyway.

After about 15 minutes, I started to feel bad about leaving the other girls there so I snuck back in through the back door. I came in unnoticed by her mom and started consoling the other girls. Then Alli's mom came out with some food and demanded to know where the others were. I didn't tell, but the other weeping girls did.

I followed Alli's mom outside to see what was gonna go on. Alli's mom came up to Alli, dragged her off the trampoline, (in front of everyone!)and demanded her to put on her shoes and follow her inside. Alli did as she was told, very quietly, and followed her storming mother inside the house. We all followed too.

Alli's mom dragged Alli in her room and SLAMMED the door. We could all hear Alli's mom screaming at her through the walls. Her boyfriend and the rest of us were all very silent and uncomfortable. After a long time, Alli came out, very red and crying. She was very quiet and her face was beet red the rest of the night.

She couldn't face her boyfriend after that, so they broke up.

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