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Water Park In Speedos

From : Toosmallfor speedos

when i was 19 i went to stay with my girl friend and her parents when on break from school . they all wanted to go to a water park. i didnt have a suit so her mom said i could borrow one. well we got there and her mom had all of the suits in a bag she handed my girlfriend hers then got hers out then handed the brother and dad some speedos . i imediately starting getting pannicky. then she handed me a pair. i was petrified becausei have i tiny penis and balls. her dad and bro and i went into the locker room and changed i made sure to be secretive. her bro which by the way was only 14 walked by followed by her dad and i glanced to see how badly the comparison was gonna be and my gosh it was bad they were both 3 times bigger than me. they went out the door and i stood up and walked to the door i looked down at my bulge or lack there of(its a 1/2 inch soft and acorn size balls)and took a deep breath and walked out . they were all standing there waiting the first thing a noticed was her moms eyes glued to my bulge but noone said anything. we walked around to the slides. it wasnt hard to see all the stares and even some giggles as we walked by people one girl screamed out the water must be freezing. still her or the family said nothing of it. the mom asked me and my girl to go get some cokes. her face was redder than mine as we walkedto the drink stand. the girl behind the counter made a cold water comment and to my shock her mom walked up from behind us and said no no dear he hasnt even got in the water yet, its just that small. all the girls in the stand started laughing and so did the mom my girlfriend just walked away as the mom made yet another humiliating comment . she actually said it looks like a peanut and 2 acorns which brought more laughter i said ive gotta go ran to change and left i never even spoke to my girl or her family after that.

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