Embarrassing Family Stories

Its feeding time!

It was the first night my husband and I were going out to dinner with family and friends. Our new baby boy was 12 days old and I was a nursing mother.

We had arrived at the restaurant and greeted our friends and family and showed off our new bundle of joy. well then all of a sudden my baby...

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What? No cookies?!

My husband and I were at the Health Department handling some business and we had our two boys with us.

I looked over at my husband and wispered to him that if he needed more condoms he needed to go find them and get some. I waited and waited and he finally had come back. They had put the c...

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May I borrow your boobs?

One weekend, I decided to drive up to my parents house and vistit my family memebers who had come in from out of town . My sister begged me to stay the night so we could catch up and talk about old times. I explained to her that I had only planned to come up for the day and go home that evening s...

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The Perfect Wedding

I don't know why I had to go, I didn't even want to, but I did. My aunt forced me to go to my cousin's husband's sister's wedding with her. The actual wedding was nice, but when we got to the reception, I wanted to die...

Important info about me, I am a very big clutz! I was wearing an eleg...

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Wedding Blues

At a recent wedding which i was attending, which was in full swing, the father of the bride was out on the dance floor slightly drunk and dancing like a madman when he discovered that his wallet had fallen out of his jacket which contained a large amount of money ($2000 )to pay for the catering and ...

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Feeling the speech

My parents were at a large social function at a house of some friends. There were probably 200 plus people there all in formal attire. My parents are in their 70's and very proper. They all were gathering around to hear someone giving a speech about the wealthy owner of the house when my Mother felt...

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In the shower

The door on my family's shower is made out of glass, thus easy to see through. Anyway, I was taking my nightly shower when I heard the bathroom door squeak open. My dad, who hadn't realized I was in the shower, walked in and saw me completely naked.

To this day, I hang an "OCCUPIED" sign o...

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Your ass is showing!

One time my husband and I were in the bathroom having sex when I was on the counter and he was standing up with his pants down. My little sister who is 10 kicked in the door and started screaming and laughing out the door about his ass showing he jumped up and his face turned red of embarrasment and...

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Sibling Rivalry

My most embarrassing moment was when my Family and I went to
Home Town Buffet.

At this time me and my sister kinda had it in for one another. Well anyway, I was up at the bar getting my food, when all of a sudden my sister came up behind me and lifted my dress right up over my shoulde...

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Imported Chocolate

I wouldnt say it was necessarily my embarrassing moment... but I was the criminal behind it.

I had a Foster Brother who always got into my personal belongings. It needed to come to a stop.

One day I brought a bar of laxative and I told my Foster Brother not to touch it that my fri...

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