Embarrassing Mistakes Stories

Always check the facts..

My most embarrasing moment still makes me shudder.

Many years ago I was with my family at a local amusement park. My son played a game and won a toy tomahawk which I stuck in my purse with the top sticking out.
We were walking around looking at things when another family was standin...

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Surprise, youre naked!!

On my 50th birthday, my husband kept rushing me to take a shower. He was going to take me out for supper, and he said he wanted to get there early. I took a shower, washed my hair, I put a towel on my hair and went to the kitchen.

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Desparate Dash

One night when we went bowling during the Holiday in Alaska.

I had to go to the bathroom, so I made a dash with the hopes to get back before my next turn.

As I sat there doing my thing, I heard voices that came in
after me. They were male voices!!!! I relized the Snowman...

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PSA : Wear underwear

In the seventies I was in the Air Force and was tdy in Korea.

On an Easter morning a male friend and myself went to the NCO Club for breakfast before Church services. Of course being over seas, the club was full.

When I was getting up to go my wrap around skirt fell off. As if that was...

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Kung Fu Kaos!

A few years ago my husband and I went to Niagara Falls with some friends of ours. As always the place was packed with people from all over. We were standing in line waiting to go up on one of the towers to see the sites, and people kept bumping into me, and pushing. Well, I told my husband, the next...

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Rescue me!!

When I was about twelve,my family and I went to the ocean for a week. I brought a friend, and we rented out boogie boards for the day so we were spending all of our time in the water. In the mid afternoon we were out in the water and my friend noticed there was no one around us and thought that may...

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Opening the door..naked!

This is an embarrassing moment for my husband.

He was lounging on the couch in the buff (while I was reading the most embarrassing moments) and the mail came.

He was joking around about going out to check the mail in the nude and even got up and went to the door.

To ...

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3-2-1 Fly...Naked!

My most embarrassing moment was at Kings Dominion, 2 years ago!

You know that Sky Flyer thing? Well me and my boyfrien (now my husband) went to do it. I was wearing a bikini top and shorts 'cause it was pretty hot. We got up there and I had to pull the string to let us fly, well I guess ...

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Tongue Twister

When I was 18, just married and new to the Navy town of Norfolk, Virginia. I met new friends and other friends were with us standing in front of our apartment.
I felt I had to be polite and introduce Chuck and Faye to my new friends. There were about 10 in the group and I said "Danny and Elain...

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They look so alike from a distance!

My sister lives in the country side with a pond in perfect view of the house.

She came home from work and see her husband get off the tractor which he was mowing around the pond. She saw him strip off, dive into the pond and swim around - so she thought she would surprise him! She stripped ...

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