Embarrassing Mistakes Stories

Pride always comes before a fall..

While on my honeymoon, my wife and I stayed at a nice hotel with an indoor pool just outside our room.

On our first day there I decided to show off a bit for my new bride, even though the pool area was very crowded. I did a perfect swan dive, and was quite pleased with myself. I swam unt...

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Say it a bit LOUDER why dont you?!

One time when I was 12 years old, I got really sick at Camp Easter in the Pines. It's a camp for the physically challenged like myself.

A male counselor whom I had a BIG crush on named Allan, had to drive me to the doctors. So, in a little while, this BIG, TALL, nurse comes out to the wai...

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Condom naming

One day when I was in eigth grade...I was coming home from a dentist appointment with my dad and we were riding with music on.

Well before I was born my parents lived in a condo and they had never told me the name of it.

Well I thought of this as we drove past a condo. The sign s...

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Mind your P's and Q's

When i was a young harrassed mum living in a flat, a lovely lady moved in above me.

She was quite well to do and very posh spoken, so I used to try and mind my p's and q's when she popped in for a cuppa. One day she came in I made her a cup while i was making my daughters tea.

I ...

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Looking through the cards

My friend and I had gone into a card shop.

We were reading the cards together when I spied one that I thought looked funny. I grabbed a hold of my friends arm and said "Look at this one" and proceeded to read it all to her, after laughing, I looked up and I had a complete strangers arm ...

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Getting the girl

There was this time I came first in my class,and My dad has already promised me if I can beat the class and take the first position he's going to buy me a BMX bicycle because I've been disturbing him to buy me a bike,so he said if I can come first in my class he will surely buy me the bike.So i star...

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How could you forget THAT?

Nobody has ever heard this before..

I was 12, in St. Louis with my brother's baseball team. They were around 14, and I liked one of the guys on the team.

I was talkin to my friend on the phone and forgot to put the top of my swimming suit on. After i was done talkin i went out to ...

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Loving the wrong lady..

My parents were at a large social function at a house of some friends. There were probably 200 plus people there, all in formal attire.

My parents are in their 70's and very proper. They all were gathering around to hear someone giving a speech about the wealthy owner of the house when my ...

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Mincing your words

Once I was at my friend's house and he showed me some of his porn.

Well im not the kind of person who likes that kind of stuff so i told him "to not put that picture in my mouth" instead of saying "dont put that picture in my head"!

Oops!! Now THATS embarrassing! :)

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Revealing X-Ray

My most embarassing moment came when I went for a followup visit with my doctor to get the results of a lower back and pelvic x-ray.

When he was showing me the films, I was quite embarassed to see the tampon I had in when the pictures were taken. We both tried to act as if we did'nt see it...

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