Embarrassing Other Stories

How far would you for for $$?

The most embarassing thing happened to me when I was little.

My grandmother was in the grocery store while my mom and me waited in the car. My mom asked me to throw something in the trash can outside. I noticed some money in the trash can so I told my mom. She immediately told me to retriev...

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Penis + Hoover = pain

I live alone, one day i tried to vacuum and it didnt pick up so well - I turned it up side down,(it was an upright type vacuum).All i was wearing was cut off shorts - dazy duke type like women wear - with the strings hanging down as they do.

I thought id turn it on from that upright position,...

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Tick on My Ass

A few years ago I went camping with my husband and my son, who was in medical school. The first time we went on a hike I got bit by something right in the middle of my right buttcheek. We went back to the campseat, and I bent over the table and pulled my pants down so my husband could take a look. T...

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Highway Madness

When my husband and I were dating,something hilarious, but really embarrassing, happened...Now-a-days (some years later), we just bring people to tears,laughing so hard, when we tell this story...

We were driving down the road in a neighboring town one evening, me sitting real close to hi...

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Overexposed in Queensland..

Well, I guess my story isn't as bad as some, but to me, it was absolutely humiliating. I live in Queensland Australia, and it gets quite hot here in summer, (around 48 degrees C which is nearly 130 degrees F) and one of the best things to do in that kind of heat is to go swimming. The best place for...

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Not quite over a stomach virus...

After 2 weeks of an awful stomach virus and sinus infection, a guy friend of mine and I went to the mall to get out of the house.

We were in a department store looking around and I started coughing, you know that annoying little hack that lingers with mucus. Well my guy friend went over t...

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Vibrating Suitcase

My husband was on a trip to Florida with his buddies, so I flew in with my parents a week later and we were all going to meet up for a vacation together. Another couple, friends of my parents, were also meeting us there.

Since my husband had not arrived yet, Dad and his friend helped me...

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I had split up with my husband, and was seeing a new man a few months later. We decided to move in together, so he and 2 of his friends were at my apartment to move my stuff.

While my girlfriend and I were packing up the kitchen, they were going to move my bed. Well, from the kitchen, we h...

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Future nudist in the making..

It was around the time, when I was four. I couldn't help myself.

In my neighborhood, there was a street right next to mine. I stripped off my clothes, and ran buck naked down to the next street. The cops had to bring me home.

After that had happened, the police told my dad to ke...

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Its a small world after all

My cousin Crissy went skiing for the first time.

While on the mountain she had to pee really bad. So she snuck over to the wooded area and dropped her pants with her ski's still on. She started to drift backwards down the hill. She picked up speed, flipped over and broke her ankle.

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