Embarrassing Other Stories

Changing room horror

One day while on vacation, me and my mother went shopping at Walmart.

I told my mother that I was going to go to the changing rooms and try on clothes. I went in time after time having no trouble. But the last time I went in there was only one changing stall left and it was the one closest...

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'Did she bite your pimple?!'

This happened to me when I was with my kids at the mall.

I was breast feeding my 5 month baby and my 4 year old son was with me. We were sitting in a kids area where they can play and then my daughter gave me a good bite on the boob! I said ouch softly and then my son yells "What? Did she ...

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Using the makeshift water slide

There was a big group of us at my house one day, and a fight was started over who had control of the tv remote which ended up in a huge wrestling match wwe style, complete with throwing people off their chairs. As mothers do, she suggested that we take it outside where it turned nasty with one bucke...

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Showing your breasts

I will tell my story because I know some one out there went through the same thing some where...

When I was around 11 or 12, You know the age where your breast are just starting to fill out for some girls? Well I was an early bloomer and had already began to sprout early on so this is why...

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Sick at the pool

I was feeling very sick and had come down with the flu.

My sister wanted to go swimming because my dad promised her that we would, but i didn't want to go! My dad said we would only be there for a little while and that if I didn't want to go in then I didn't have to..I decided to go in anyw...

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Loosing your bikini at the worst time

One of my many embarrassing moments, (yes i did say many I'm a clod and I'm always embarrassing myself), took place at the beach on a scorching hot summer day, so it was packed with people.

I was with a male friend and he decides he's going to teach me how to swim with the waves, you know d...

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Wedding Betrayal

It was a friend who relayed this story to me. She
attended a very fancy wedding (payed for by the father
of the bride) at which the Groom himself stood up to
make a toast, apparently wanting to thank everyone for
coming and just generally express his appreciation.

He stoo...

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Halloween - drunk,and in my underwear!

When I was 16 I went to a Halloween party dressed as Michael Meyers.I wore boots,coveralls and a rubber mask like the one in the movie.
I got some of my friends to bring these girls we knew out in the backyard.I came out of the woods while they shined a flashlight on me and scared the crap out o...

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What a sight!

Several years ago our two families went for a trip to the East coast. We would stop and camp, then move on. On the Sunday we arrived at P.E.I. pitched the tents and noticed we needed some provisions. My brother and I took off to find some grocer at the nearby village, but all were closed.
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Ring around the drunk

One night, back when I used to drink, I had way too much..

I was 'worshipping the porcelain goddess' (puking!) when some friends came in to check on me. I tried to stand up, and the toilet seat ring fell around my neck and held me there for a few seconds before I realised what had happened!...

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