Embarrassing School Stories

Ms Thing shows her underwear

In high school, I was Ms. Thing, I thought I was the coolest, and nothing bad could ever happen to me.

I was in 12th grade, and I was wearing a type of skirt that was popular then, tight at the waist but it flowered out and fell above my knees, I also wore G-strings at the time.
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What grad night?

It was Grad night, well of course everyone has a bit to drink. We started off at my friends house and had a few drinks there and I wasn't feeling the alcohol as much as I wanted to so my friends bet me $20 that I couldn't slam one full glass of plain whiskey.

I wanted to get "tipsy" be...

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Old School embarassment

I was in the 3rd grade and we were having a Christmas program.I had on a noodle strap dress.

There were parents off all the children and the rest of the school. It was getting cold in the auditoriom so i put my arms inside of my shirt.

When we stood up to sing our next song my dress sl...

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Dont fall over wearing a skirt!

In school last year,I was just sitting there doing my Science test. After a half hour had past I had 1 question to go. I got done and I checked over my test just in case I missed one or I put the wrong answer. And of course I had my high heeled shoes on that day. (and a skirt) I was walking to put m...

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Organism..orgasm..whats the difference?!

When i was a senior in high school, in my science class, i made a mistake.

I had to read out loud an answer from my work sheet. i have always had problems pronouncing words.

Anyway, i was reading and came apon the word organism....well not relizing i said orgasm. the whole clas...

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Darkness, Nakedness and Fights!

I once spent the night at my friends house. A girl came that I
TOTALLY hated and we ended up getting in a NAKED fighting match in the dark - when the other girls turned on the lights there was glass all over the place, and to make the matter worse almost every one at my school had seen th...

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Farting Problems..

I was in the 7th grade and it was about time for me to go on stage for my 1st band concert in front of a live concert ever. My boyfriend, Best Friend and I were to go on and do a solo..Easy, except the only problem was I had really serious gas!!

I went out there with my clarinet and sat ...

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New Nickname

My father gave me this horrible nickname because of the way I look when I get mad.
Only a few of my close friends know this nickname. They would call me PP instead of my nickname. One day when we were in Algebra 2 class one of my friends called me PP. Everyone wanted to know what PP stood for...

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Another *uplifting* Skirt story!

OK my story happened when I was in fourth grade. Me and my friends were playing four square.

It was picture day so I was wearing a skirt. I guess one of my friends threw the ball to me and I got knocked down.

When I got up all my friends who happen to be guys said nice underwear!...

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Worlds worst science project

When I was in 8th grade, the science teacher asked me to carry one of her little "projects" downstairs.

They were 4 jars of various colors, and they were filled with vinegar and some kind of mold-cultures. She opened the lid of one of them before I took them down, and I thought I was goi...

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