Embarrassing School Stories

Its an ice rink..not a toilet

Well I was on my school field trip for the honor roll students.

We were all going to the skating rink for our reward. Well my crush was there too, and I kept looking at him and stuff.

Needless to say I was watching him when one of his friends started skating real close to me and o...

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Surprise, I know you!

My girlfriend was going to grad school to become a psychiatric social worker. Part of her requirements was to volunteer in a clinic during the day.

Expenses were greater than she anticipated so she got a night job. One night she got a call asking if she would work a private surprise party...

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Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco abuse class

I finally went back to college at the age of 33. As one of the older students, I had always felt like I was 60.

Trying to fit in, I always answered the professor's questions, and contributed to the conversations. I had a class on Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco abuse. When we were talking ab...

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oh, by the way..nice butt!

My most embarring moment was in 7th grade.

Two of my best friends and i spent that night together. We decided to walk down to the store that was about 2 blocks away. Well the street that we had to walk on was really busy. It was about 10:30 at night. This was also a Saturday. Well we were r...

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Bleeding for love

Well, i never would have thought this would happen to me, but it did!

I had the BIGGEST crush on this hottie in 9th grade, and he was in love with basketball. i wasnt ever into the sport, but he LOVED it! i had to show him i did too (great idea, huh?!)

At one of his practices, i we...

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Stuck IN the school bus..

it's my first day of 9 grade, I'm walking on the bus (first girl on all guys ) any ways as I step on the bus driver shuts the door and cought my shirt in it. stupid me didn't even realize it until all of the guy started to laugh and whistle...I thought they where nuts.

Finally I realize th...

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Listen to your teacher

So here goes, When I was in like third grade I was sitting in science class around this long square table and I was rocking my chair back and forth on the hind legs, While the teacher was saying that we shouldn't do that.

Obviously I was wearing a skirt and my chair fell back and my legs we...

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Read Aloud Carefully..

In my class we were reading the book Tiger Eyes, and at that time everyone was following in their own copy while I read a few pages out loud.

I came to the part that said something like "...he cracked his knuckles like he does when he is thinking really hard,", but I said :


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A French love

I was told to record a french dialog for class - i did it with my mate, and when i took it back to school the next day, my teacher played it out loud to the class.

When we'd finished doing our dialog, we forgot to turn of the tape and the whole class heard about the boys we fancied and the ...

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The Bathroom attack

Last year I was at a restaurant with my parents and my little sister.

I saw my favorite teacher Mrs. Lynn and then I heard someone who sounded like another teacher,Mr. Hupe..I turned around and it was him!

Later in the bathroom my mom asked me who that was. I told her it was Mr. H...

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