Embarrassing School Stories

The Plug

When I was in grade 7 I had just started getting my period.

One day, at the end of class I had forgot to take my gym bag with me which contained my tampons. Well as if being the nerd in the school wasn't bad enough, the popular students who knew it was my bag decided to go through it and f...

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Choosing the wrong video

My most embarassing moment ever was when I was in my 12th grade drama class at school one afternoon. It was nearly the end of the year and our teacher wanted to check our progress on our major drama assignments; I had chosen to make a short movie.

Our class teacher had the idea that we all ...

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Made up girlfriend

One of my most embarassing moments was a couple of years ago when I was in the 11th grade at high school.

I was 19 at the time (having been held back a couple of times) and all of the school friends I had grown up with had graduated, leaving me in a class with no one I knew.

To mak...

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Practising for the olympics

When I was a freshamn in high school I was running late to my English class, which was right after lunch. I had run to my locker real quick to get my books and then booked down the hall.

Our highschool was an old two story building with big grand staircases. As I was running down the sta...

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Your new nickname

I have never told this story, and only about 20 people
know what happened. I was in track practice during
Spring Break in High School.

Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays were our weight
training days. A 3 mile jog was the warmup before the
sprinters would hit the weights. Wel...

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The dangers of being late

I was late for school one day, and to make things worse i had assembly..As I was late, I had to sit at the front (infront of around 500 people).

So, i walked in as quick as I could - but as soon as i walked past this really cute guy i slipped and fell hard on my ass, as my shoes were wet f...

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Thong Gone Wrong!

I have these pants that are a little to big around the waist. One day, I had to sit on the ground in my tech class, to do my project.

Little did i know my new leopard print fuzzy thong was hanging out alot-my crush walked behind me(i was sitting at the front of the class) and he pulled it u...

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Listen to your teacher

So here goes, When I was in like third grade I was sitting in science class around this long square table and I was rocking my chair back and forth on the hind legs, While the teacher was saying that we shouldn't do that.

Obviously I was wearing a skirt and my chair fell back and my legs we...

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Starting your periods

Well here it is, I was in the 5th grade right and we were doing oral presentations in english. I had like started my period but i didnt know it..

I went to go give my presentation and all the guys were laughing and the really popular girls were as well..My best friend was like, "hey Rachel ...

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Stuttering s..s..sucks!

I was in 3rd grade, and i had to read out loud a paragraph from a story. I came to the part that said "Mr Rabbit said, 'oh my, but Mrs Squirrel,that would not be nice'". I got stuck on "oh my but", I kept repeating "oh my but oh my but", and the whole class was dying laughing!! I got sent to the off...

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