Embarrassing Sex Stories


My husband and I were taking a day tour of Paris and when we were given some time to go off by ourselves, we both figured we couldn't go to Paris without visiting one of it's famous sex shops.
It was embarrassing enough to walk in there, especially with all of the adult toys in the showcases.My...

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Shopping naked with your MOTHER?

About 20 yrs ago,my husband & I were living in an apartment building that had a store in the main level.

We both like lounging around in the buff which is how the following came to be:
Since the store was right there, I saw no reason to get dressed & just slipped on a coat & my boots,...

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Flying low without a license

I went to a works christmas dinner once,me and one of my male friends and 6 girls,and as we sat in the bar waiting for our table, i went to the washroom for a minute and came back out..

I sat back at the bar and one of the girls said to me, "Jamie, ur zipper is down",so i looked down and ...

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Who wants fish?

Me and my grlfriend are chilling in my room and we're getting kinda friendly and we're kissing and touching or whatever ( i didn't worry about my mom cause she work during the day) and we're undressing and she decides to go down, does her thing and then turns around and I go down as well.

So ...

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My grandma can dance better that that!

Well.... I went over my boyfriends house, and i was giving him a private dance in the nude, in his living room, cuz no one was home.

At least that's what we thought, when all the sudden...his grandmother walked in!!!

To make matters worse she said, "Girl, If ya gonna do it, then do it ...

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Scary scary stuff..

Me and my friends were walking in downtown Calgary and we saw these two naked gay guys making out - eww it was gross! They asked us if we wanted to join in and we said no but one of my friends pushed my friend on top of them and they both started humping him and kissing him eww it was gross he wont ...

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Facts of life..

Years ago I had just started dating this man...We dated for a few months then came the time that we were going to have sex.

Right in the middle if the act he said he had to go pee, & when he came back "it" was limp, so I held it and asked him,"what did you do leave it in the bathroom?", h...

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Ever seen 'Something about Mary'?

My girl friend has an apartment she shares with her sister. I was visiting my girl friend one afternoon while her sister was OUT.

We got to fooling around and ended up in bed. It was one of those unexpected moments and I hadn't completely removed by Levis (famous for snug fit, right). ...

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The video camera never lies..

My girlfriend wanted me to put on a little show for her while she filmed it with her new Video Camera..

I was pretty drunk, so i agreed. She put Boy George music on in the background and made me run around the apartment humping inanimate objects because it "turned her on".

She ...

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Getting frisky on your sisters bed..

I had a major crush on my friends brother. He liked me too so one night while I was waiting for my friend to get out of the shower, we decided to get a little frisky. When he was almost finished (if ya know what I mean) she walked in.

It scared me but scared him even worse. As soon...

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