Embarrassing Sex Stories

Put it away son..

I am 14 years old,One day,I was walking through town with my boyfriend, and we went to his house.

Noone was there so we sat on his couch to watch TV. Im sitting right beside him, and the next thing i know is hes tapping my shoulder telling me to look. Well I looked down, and he wipped hi...

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A case of mistaken identity

My most embarrassing was when a client and I were out partying one night and we both got lucky with two secretaries.

At the end of the night, when I took my date back to my room and we undressed, I laid my papers, etc. on the table and went to the bathroom. When I came out, my date kept ...

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Streaking for the neighbors

One night i made a bet with my husband..and lost.

He never told me until we got home what i had to do since i lost. We live on a dead end street so around midnight that night he told me i had to walk up the street completely naked and walk back. I tried to argue but he said all the ne...

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I was at a party with all boys. We were all in the tree house talking about the people in our schol. All of a sudden I felt a cold rush...
When I looked up from getting a drink I realized all the boys had a smile on their face. I asked what was so funny ad they pointed to my oufit. I had on a o...

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Peeping Toms

Well last year me my brother and sister were at home, they were still sleeping, I had just got out of bed and I always sleep in my underwear with a shirt on. I was downstairs watching TV, when all of a sudden the phone rang. I answered it and no one was there.

I sat down again in my chai...

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Wanna see my tattoo?

This is an embarrassing moment for my husband.

At the time he was a blind date. We went out with some friends of ours who hooked us up together. We were in a Kareoke Bar and the place was packed. I wasn't to thrilled about him and I was pretty cocky. He spend the whole time talking about w...

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From the mouths of babes..

When my grandson Carson was three he attended a co-op preschool.

At "circle time" all the kids sat down in a circle and he announced he had something to tell everyone. The whole group got quiet, and he announced..

"My mommy only has sex with my dad because she's getting a ...

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Doing it LOUD!

One of my most embarrassing moments was several years ago.

When my husband (at the time) and I went camping, we had both gone out for drinks one night and when we got back to our camp site there were a lot of our friends there as well as us.

Well, anyways, we decided we were goin...

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Doggie Style

The house was empty, and my boyfriend came home so we too advantage of it, and were in the bedroom having sex...

I look to the side of my bed and my dog was there just staring at me then she walks towards the door behind my boyfriend. He suddenly stops and says "What the F**k?!"


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Down Undies

My boyfriend (now my husband), were at my parents house all alone when we decided to play around..

Playing got us to have sex in the middle of my parents living room, now the front door is not that far away, all of a sudden we hear the door open..Its my mom and dad!!

My husba...

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