Embarrassing Sex Stories

Starting up the old truck..

Well, it started on the bathroom floor in my apartment, me and my boyfriend were fooling around and all of a sudden I raised my hand to be over my head but while I did this I accidently tugged on the cord to my blowdryer and it came sailing straight onto my eyebrow..

I jumped up to check...

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Hiding the sex toys..or not!

OK.. Let me start from the beginning...

I invited my 15 yr. old sister over to spend the night with my husband and I. You see, since I have got married it has cut into our quality sister time together. So, I thought that we could stay up, laugh, and talk like we used to.

That nig...

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Handcuff horror

I've had many embarrassing moments in my 47 years of life.

One of them comes to mind now, and it was horrible at the time, but now my hubby and I laugh about it. Here goes:

My husband and I were not married yet, but we had a serious relationship going on. We didn't live toget...

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Swimming pool woody

It was back in 1975 and I was at a local swimming pool. After swimming some laps (that was part of my exercise regimen back then) I went and laid back on a lounge chair on the side of the pool.

It was an enclosed pool with a translucent window roof directly over the lounge chair area. B...

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A very public 'monthly visitor'

When I was in highschool I went on my first co-ed camping trip,without adult supervision.

I had gotten my period that day and was disappointed because my boyfriend and I would finally have some privacy. Well the night went on and everyone was crashing out, so we went to bed as well. Well, ...

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Caught having a 'nooner'

There was this guy that I dated for a while. We would meet for lunch quite often for a "nooner".

This particular day, we went down this dirt road that is not traveled a lot. We had gotten too cramped in his truck for our plans. So he got out and came over to the passenger side and I wa...

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Puberty Sucks dont it?!

Here is mine...I was in the 4th grade and I had just hit puberty...one morning I had woken up in the clothes that I had worn the day before, I wore them to school again, when I got to my bus stop everyone started laughing at me...

I just thought that it was because I was wearing the same ...

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Caught with their clothes off!

Ten years ago I was dating this guy who liked to have sex in really strange and or public places.

While out together one afternoon we decided to find some place to get our groove on. We found a patch of woods behind a huge parking lot, parked the car and walked into the woods a way.

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Showing your brainpower

I was at a party and I was makin out with my girlfriend...We were gettin horny...

I never knew that my zipper was down but i got an erection and it stuck out of my pants.

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Meet the parents

I was about to go on a date with my boyfriend, we were together for a long time so i decided that i wanted tonight to be the night when we have our first really hot sex together..

I went to the store to buy some condoms and i was speaking to the cashier and i said to her im spending the nig...

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