Embarrassing Sex Stories

How to get caught..

My family and I were moving into a new house, and my future husband and I were taking some boxes there and decided to have a "quickie". We lost track of time, and there was no phone in the house at the time.

My parents must've gotten worried, because before we knew it, lying on the bedroo...

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Outing yourself by accident

ok so this is what happened to my friends one very day.
my friend shall we say "Trisha" and my other friend "Mellisa" were on the computer with me and we were checking out websites (not that kind of sites)
so what happened was that the phone rang and it was our other friend.
what we didn...

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Rocking the boat

Talk about embarrassing! It has been almost seven years since the 'incident' and I can finally laugh about it. I had been dating my boyfriend for several months and he invited me to go on a late night fishing trip with he and his buddies. I had decided to go because his best friends girlfriend would...

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A Supersize meal

I had just got off work and was tired and dirty so i decided to run home take a shower and get something to eat. After i took the shower I put on a pair of loose shorts and a T shirt and drove to sonic.

I pulled up and ordered my food. While i was waiting I listened to some music. When not...

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Auntie Knocking

My girlfriend was raised by her two aunts and she wanted me to meet them. Meeting the first went fine, but the second was housesitting for a friend about 3 hours away in a fun resort town. We made the trip. The three of us went out to dinner, and had a few drinks. Back home, Auntie showed my gf to a...

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A Public show

One day in the 9th grade at school, me and my boyfriend saw each other out in the hall..We were supposed to be going to the bathroom, when we kind of got the kissing down..

We decided to go to the bathroom (together). We went in there and a few minutes later we were both naked, and having a...

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Mistaken Identity

My Family and I were on vacation with my boyfriend when we checked into the hotel. My boyfriend and I had one room and my parents and sister had the other one.

My boyfriend and I decided to make love that night, so i went down to my parents room to tell them we were going to bed. Meanwhile...

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Was he really that good?

One night my boyfriend snuck in my house..It was about one in the morning and he knew I was still awake.

He knocks on my door, enters, and we lay on my bed for a little bit. We started making out and one thing led to another. He was really going at it and I was moaning so loud I swear i...

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Cop-ping a feel

When my ex-wife and I were "courting" we stopped at a nature area parking lot late one night and proceeded to get very amorous..

When car headlights approached she said "I hope it's not the cops!", I of course replied "no way!". Of course, it was.

I bailed out the driver's door, do...

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Lesson for one..Lesson for all!

Just one of my most embarrassing moments (out of several hundred!) happened when I was about 15. We were a tight group of neighborhood kids just trying to grow up, you know? One of the boys I liked more than the rest (also about 15) was fascinated with boobs (go figure!)...

When we were alo...

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