Embarrassing Work Stories

What comes around...

I work construction and my Boss is a real Hottie. One day I was following him about 3 feet behind, across a patch of lawn when he fell in a hole that another company had left covered with a simple piece of cardboard. He was okay but I laughed myself silly at him.

The next day at work, out o...

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A show for the office boys

One day to work I decided to wear a pretty white dress. With is I decided to wear a pair of thong underwear, so my underwear wouldn't show through my dress, I was trying to play it safe.

Well, about two hours after I was there I went to the restroom and was straightening up my dress, pullin...

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Blind people cant read you know?

I was assistant manager at a busy restaurant for many years...

One extremely busy Friday night, I was helping the hostess seat people. I sat a party of four and realized we only had one menu left. As I placed the menu in front of one of the young women and told the other three people th...

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So, who has the big one?!

I was about 19 years old and a waitress here in a small town.

On my day off the boss phoned me to ask if I could please just come in long enough to take care of 30 National Guard that were coming in for lunch, I agreed, I thought the tips might be great.

At lunchtime they arrived,...

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I think its time to leave..

The place where I work throws a big company picnic in August, when its really hot.

My wife decided to go panty-less that day when all of a sudden our youngest one decides to lift up mommies skirt for all the world to see!

Needless to say, we didn't stay long after that!

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Faulty Plumbing

This was soooooooooo embarrassing!

I was working at an office in my late teens. As you do, I had to go to the bathroom. We had workers there that day, and there was a chair keeping the batroom door open, but I didn't see the sign to stay out.

The workers were working on the plu...

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Farting in an elevator

My partner and I were going to an office building to interview a witness in a crime. I had some tremendous gas building up and I knew that I was really going to unleash something awful. We had just pulled up in the parking lot and I realized that the witness was on the sixth floor.

I tho...

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Thong problems

I had just started a new job at a posh motel and was left alone to tend the front desk after a couple of days of training with a supervisor.

It was quiet, very few arrivals or departures, and I spent some time sitting behind the desk reading and browsing through the computer system.

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Great flirting technique

My most embarrassing moment was when I was working as a Sales Assistant in a large department store.

Every day this one particular guy used to come in and buy whatever he needed.

I really had the hots for this guy, and made sure that it was I that served him every day. He used to...

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Take caution in the crapper!

Okay, here's the scenerio....I was a strapping young lad of 18. I had just been hired on the spot at a local fast food chain located in the mall.

I went in, interviewed, and they gave me a uniform to put on and start right away. Needing the money I jumped at the chance to start immediately...

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